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The young singer Liu Ting "love home" to sing   love; affection transfer — entertainment channel — original title: young singer Liu Ting "love home" sing love pass family message "love to take home, the hearts of the most beautiful flowers, black hair in the memory now is frost dyed hair, love home, want to hear sweet words, how much time to spend time, you never ask for anything in return……" In National Day Eve, young singer Liu Ting released a new single "love home", with atmospheric style, perfect concert and warm feelings, sing to the father of all the mothers in the world, all of the children of the world to sing, sing the children should be filial piety, go home to spend more time with my parents at home dear ones, parents expressed deep love, but also as a tribute to the 67 anniversary of national day. Are the "main melody" "love home" sing a song of love a sweet and beautiful "love home", in Liu Ting’s soulful interpretation, showing the traditional virtues of the Chinese people and fully carry forward the culture of filial piety. Familiar with the place, returning to the taste, a home, give the warm harbor! Once we walk through every street, parents are holding our hands, and now, parents are old, children have become old parents all hope and sustenance. This is when children honor, for parents, money is not omnipotent, they need spiritual comfort, spiritual communication, are the children of parents’ care and care, children often is from an understanding and respect each other with their parents, even is the best way to go home…… This is the first to bring home love rhythm, rhythm, smooth, filled with the sincere feelings of the song aftertaste. Singing, Liu Ting gave the song a unique charm. Her voice and bel canto, national beauty, rich atmosphere, elegant charm. An interview with Liu Ting when reporters learned that "love home" is a noun by writer Chen Daobin, famous composer Liu Tingliang Hu Tingjiang teamed up to build a song to salute the sincerity of the parents affection. The most simple words, but the interpretation of a father and mother to children home wish, romantic lyrics, melody and lyric, orchestration delicate heart, singing and moving. I believe that every listener from the song Liu Ting realized a warm heart touched. Liu Ting was born in 90s, full of youthful vigor. She loves music, and when she was young, she showed a keen gift for music. She has a dream and many young children, 2009 came into contact with music, teacher is a music teacher Yi Xiaohua teacher, the well-known Xu Ling and miss Yang Hua; to lay a solid foundation of music knowledge after professor Chen Jin Wuhan Conservatory of Music Department of vocal music in 2010, followed by the teacher introduction to nature is high standards and a high starting point, strict requirements, positive is in such a good learning atmosphere, Liu Ting quickly found the state of learning. Through unremitting efforts, she takes the sixth place honors admitted to the vocal Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, in school, in Hongkong in 2011 to participate in the "Chinese culture Wuzhou" the competition won the gold medal of the bel canto group good grades)相关的主题文章: