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There is a kind of love called belief! Who is your Hearthstone "hero of life" – Sina hearthstone legend once referred to a particular occupation, everyone’s mind may appear in the name of a corresponding anchor or player. As long as the mention of this occupation, must think of him. So what are the famous people who have already had their own destiny? And what is your Hearthstone, the hero of life? Having being troubled (Druid): a kind of "Virtue", called "de destroy god"! There is a kind of "Virtue", called "de destroy god"! This sentence since 2015 has been in widespread circle of hearthstone occupation. If the face is the weakest de Druid forms, then the "destroy god virtue" is undoubtedly the strongest form of it. Not only for their own use and destroy the God of war in Germany. Other Druid game player also extremely serious. In just the end of the gold open JiNan Railway Station, having being in the professional group semi-final to three "hood", and eventually reached the gold open double success, people have to wear. If you want to beat off his ban then destroy god, Druid, undoubtedly is one of the best tactics. Ande lo (Hunter): Wei Ansheng, do not understand the machine, hunting dead solution, not far away! In the ladder match and love many game player play hunter, but to say the hunter occupation you think of who? It is the "President" Ande Ronnie is God pump association. Once upon a time, every month will be broadcast live using a set of "refugee play series" card group to play the legendary president, in the early stages of the game is the idol of many new players. Believe that until now there will be a lot of people still remember that as long as 600 dust can build a "refugee hunt" card group, once swept the entire ladder. This is extremely cheap and does not lose the strength of the card group, so many novice game player first taste of victory and even a fully and delightfully, the legend of road kill. And the president of the classic "Hunter died in the field!" Has been widespread still game player groups, the phrase "I only have eyes for face", also did the occupation essence, people have to wear. Big fish? Fairy (warlock) in front of my zoo, all enemies are paper tiger! The zoo has been active in the mainstream of the warlock size hearthstone game card group is one of many players, God will be the occupation as sets will bring the game card one of the powerful group. But if you have selected one of the strongest players in the zoo from God, it must be a small fish big fairy. As one of the strongest players in several major occupation at present, small fish big fairy once in the Blizzcon qualifier in the zoo created "wear a nine" tough record, so far no one can break the record. Therefore, the immortal fish also known as the "zoo director". To God (Warrior): there is a belief, called warrior! In July 31, 2015, Sino US hearthstone challenge in the second round in 4 teammates have been eliminated in the case of Tsinghua University, Curve Wrecker towards God appointed by the defeated troops, was in distress, Dog, Tarei and Vlps successively tiaola three American generals, for Chinese.相关的主题文章: