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This several day: the world thrombus groups vulnerable to venous thrombosis around the Shaanxi channel — original title: World: these thrombus groups vulnerable to venous thrombosis around October 13th is "world thrombosis day", thromboembolism, is a fatal disease due to a potential artery or vein formation the blood clots caused by. Thromboembolism can lead to serious consequences. Cardiovascular diseases are closely related to the three major killers heart failure, stroke and venous thromboembolism. Do not think that only the elderly can prevent thrombosis, young people should also pay attention to! Young man: playing computer can play these lower extremity deep venous thrombosis is the common disease, but juvenile onset is uncommon. In recent years, however, deep vein thrombosis has become a fashion disease for young computer users". In western countries, it is also called "computer thrombosis". This is because the lower extremity is far away from the heart, long time sitting in front of the computer to keep the posture, lower extremity venous reflux slow, easy to produce blood stasis, sometimes even venous blood is almost stationary, thus easily induced venous thrombosis. Venous thrombosis is characterized by swelling, distending pain and heaviness in the lower extremities (mainly the lower leg) and discomfort during standing and walking. In severe cases, lower limbs appear skin bruising, "said the shares bruised, risk of gangrene limb ischemia, emergency operation treatment. In addition, the lower extremity venous vessels like blood flow back to the heart of the "highway", if the thrombus can fall off directly into the heart, into the pulmonary artery, leading to pulmonary embolism. In expert opinion, another danger of venous thrombosis is that it covers a wide population. In addition to genetic factors, surgical patients, trauma patients, cancer patients, elderly people, obesity, smokers, long-term use of estrogen drugs crowd, long time hospitalized patients are easy to be "entangled" high-risk groups. Epidemiological survey showed that almost all hospitalized patients had at least 1 high risk factors for venous thrombosis. It is particularly important to note that bed rest and prolonged immobility are important risk factors for venous thromboembolism. Teachers, drivers, salesmen and other people who need to keep a posture for a long time, the risk is relatively large. These high-risk groups, once the swelling of the legs (including ankle and foot), pain or tenderness, obvious color changes in the leg (such as redness), leg skin temperature rise, the expansion of shallow veins and so on, should be timely inspection. At present, the conservative treatment of anticoagulant and thrombolysis is mainly used in the treatment, but the operation should be done in time to save the limb. Sedentary is the main reason for the disease, in front of the computer work or play online games, not more than 4~6 hours. After a period of time, we should get up and move, focus on the lower limbs, do squats to accelerate the venous return. At the same time to drink plenty of water, to dilute the blood, prevent blood viscosity. Anti thrombosis eat roast celery "Chinese Health Care Association for the study of nutrition security by Professor Sun Shuxia said, foreign related research shows that, the thick aroma exudes baked celery, is up two benzene nitrogen composition effect most important in celery, the biggest role is to prevent blood benzene two nitrogen suppository)

世界血栓日:这几大人群极易被静脉血栓缠上–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:世界血栓日:这几大人群极易被静脉血栓缠上   10月13日是“世界血栓日”,血栓栓塞,是一种由于动脉或静脉中形成了血凝块而导致的潜在的致死性疾病。血栓栓塞会导致严重的后果,心血管疾病的三大杀手—心力衰竭、卒中和静脉血栓栓塞症,均与之密切相关。别以为只有老人才防血栓,年轻人也要重视!   年轻人:玩电脑也能玩出血栓症   下肢深静脉血栓本是寻常病,但青少年发病却少见。然而近年来,深静脉血栓开始成为年轻电脑一族的“时尚病”。   在欧美国家,它又被称为“电脑血栓症”。这是因为下肢远离心脏,长时间坐在电脑前保持不动的姿态,下肢静脉血液回流减慢,易产生血液淤滞,甚至静脉血有时处于几乎静止状态,因而容易诱发静脉血栓形成。   静脉血栓最初表现为下肢(主要是小腿)肿胀、胀痛、沉重感,并有站立、行走时疼痛不适。病情严重者,下肢出现皮色青紫,称“股青肿”,此时可有肢体缺血坏疽的危险,需急诊手术治疗。   另外,下肢静脉血管好像血液流回心脏的“高速公路”,若血栓脱落可直达心脏,进入肺动脉,导致肺栓塞。   在专家看来,静脉血栓另一个危险之处在于覆盖人群广。除了遗传因素外,手术患者、创伤病人、肿瘤患者、高龄人群、肥胖者、吸烟者、长期服用雌激素药物人群、长时间住院患者等都是容易被它“缠上”的高危人群。流行病学调查表明,几乎所有住院患者至少存在1个发生静脉血栓的高危因素。需要特别提醒的是,卧床、长时间不动等均是静脉血栓发生的重要危险因素。教师、司机、售货员等需长时间保持一个姿势不动的人,风险也相对较大。以上这些高危人群,一旦出现腿部肿胀感(包括踝关节和足部)、疼痛或者压痛、腿部有明显的颜色改变(如发红)、腿部皮肤温度上升、有浅静脉扩张等情况,就应及时检查。   目前,在治疗上主要采用抗凝、溶栓的保守疗法,但对于“股青肿”,应及时手术以挽救肢体。   久坐不动是发病的主要原因,在电脑前工作或上网玩游戏连续不要超过4~6小时。一段时间后,要起来活动一下,重点活动一下下肢,做做下蹲动作,以加速静脉回流。同时要多喝水,以稀释血液,防止血液黏稠。   防血栓吃点“烤芹菜”   中国保健协会营养安全研究所孙树侠教授说,国外相关研究显示,烤芹菜时散发出的浓浓香气,就是芹菜中最重要的疗效成分��二氮苯,二氮苯的最大作用是预防血栓形成,因而对血栓造成的心肌梗塞和脑梗塞有预防作用。而且,芹菜在经过“烤”的过程后,更能够提高它的药效。(本文综合自湄洲日报、健康时报) (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章: