Three quarter HP notebook shipments to achieve growth but the company net profit fell by 8% yuanjiao

The three quarter HP notebook shipments grew but the company net profit fell 8% to adjust some interface Song Jianan HP made in the notebook business has improvement, but its overall growth did not significantly boost the company’s performance. In August 25th, Hewlett-Packard Co released the 2016 fiscal third quarter earnings. The results show that its net revenues of $11 billion 900 million, compared with $12 billion 400 million last year fell by $4%. The net profit also fell, to $783 million, down $8% compared to $854 million a year earlier. Fortunately, net profit from continuing operations was $800 million, an increase of $700 million over the same period last year, $20%. As a result, HP’s third quarter results exceeded Wall Street analysts had expected, but the fourth quarter earnings outlook failed to meet expectations. HP’s third quarter earnings per share from continuing operations was $0.49, an increase of $0.39 over the same period last year, $26%. Excluding one-time items (not in accordance with GAAP), HP net profit in the third quarter from continuing operations of $800 million, up 28% over the same period last year, $600 million; earnings per share of $0.48, $0.35 over the same period last year growth of 37%. Financial information provider FactSet survey, analysts expect HP’s third quarter earnings per share of $0.44. According to the business sector, HP personal systems group’s third quarter revenue of $7 billion 512 million, and $7 billion 505 million for the same period last year compared to flat, not included in the exchange rate changes under the influence of an increase of 2%; personal systems group operating margin for the third quarter of 4.4%. Further, the business sector revenue fell 3%, personal consumer sector revenue grew by 8%. Desktop shipments fell 6%, notebook shipments grew by 12%, total shipments grew by 4%. In the face of the global PC market downturn, HP shipments to achieve its growth is not easy. According to the survey of Canalys Institute, the first quarter of 2016 the world including tablet computers, desktop computer (DT) and NB PC shipments of 101 million units, down 13% compared to the same period in 2015, has reached the lowest since the second quarter of 2011 shipments level. Asia Pacific market, regardless of the Greater China region or the Asia Pacific region PC shipments have declined in the first quarter fell by 14%. Mainland market shipments also fell for 3 consecutive years of double-digit. Zhuang Zhengsong, President of HP China had previously accepted an exclusive interview with the interface news has said that in view of the above situation, HP’s strategy is to continue to consolidate the commercial market, and continue to expand in the young consumer groups. He predicted that PC is no longer a high growth industry, it is difficult to significantly increase shipments, will remain stable for a long time. And difficult to have a new story happened in the PC industry, HP group revenue printing business in the third quarter of $4 billion 423 million, $5 billion 163 million over the same period last year fell 14%, excluding exchange rate effect.相关的主题文章: