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Fishing Its that time of the year again where people rush to beaches and tropical holidays. And if you are like a normal human who loves beaches and the wide blue sea, you might have taken up surfing or something related.But,guess what,so does half of worlds population. To shine above all those people, know what you need to do? Be daring. Show the world you are not afraid of anything. Try something new. And as the saying goes, who doesnt love a change. Try standup paddle boarding this time. Standup Paddle Boarding It is an offshoot of surfing. A great way to explore outdoors, to have some fun and get some exercise done at the same time.It doesnt need multitudes of expensive equipments.Just a quality SUPboard that is the Standup Paddle board and a large body of water. So water lovers, its for you. Whether it is the wide expanses of ocean with fiery waves or that peaceful lake in your neighborhood, you are guaranteed a great time. It offers a full body workout at minimal cost. As the name suggests, here the rider maintain an upright position and paddle through the water unlike traditional surfing. And it is the fastest growing water sport in the world. So, you will be the cool guy for a long time. Choosing SUP boards First step is to determine the reason you are taking up standup paddle boarding.Is it for fun or for fitness? Or are you one of those who want to take up racing? General categories of activities include surfing, touring, racing and all-round .If you are a beginner or want a board for all- round use, your main criterion should be stability and ease of control. If you want to use it for touring or racing, you will be covering long distances and using high speeds. Then, your primary concerns should be speed and efficiency. Types of Stand up Paddle Boards Basic types of board include surf specific, all-around, inflatable, andracing boards. Surf specific boards will be narrower, lighter and shorter. They are mainly used for surfing and provide high performance and quick turns but not suitable for long distances. All round are multipurpose boards are much wider, larger, have pointed nose and more stable. They are perfect for flat water paddling. If you are a beginner who is still learning the trade, I suggest you go with these. Inflatable boards solve your storage and transportation woes. They are lighter and easier to carry. If you prefer to paddle board in a river, which is be.ing popular these days, then these are your board of choice. They may be a challenge in rough waters though. If you are a .petitive paddle boarder, then racing board is your best friend. They are longer, narrower and have sharply pointed nose. Remember, these are meant for advanced riders. Now find your ideal board and get moving. Well done on your choice of sport. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: