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Business There are some customers more than others? Of course they are. So how do you attract customers and want to move or prevent those who would do better elsewhere? First, know your customer. What do you do that? What are wasting your time? Second, change your business to create a great shopping experience with your best customers. Third, it constantly adjust and control what you do. Example: Celia is a boutique featuring some of the beauty and jewelry. Shop serves women. The customer can try out all the beauty products at any time, using a sample of the product that Celia has to offer. If someone .es with a friend, you can shop without guilt, while his friends can relax and a small seating area, which is part of the stock. The staff politely answer questions, and focus on good customer service. Celia offers a variety of weekly specials to get people to visit our store. Problem: Celia shop was right balance when we talked. Its staff has worked hard, but she needed more customers and wanted to know how to double its turnover. Our first step was to examine its customers. Celia discovered she had three kinds of clients. The best of them bought Celia’s flagship line of care, which they consider to be more a necessity than a convenience or treat. Everyone in this group proved to be a lady of fifty years or more with modest They came into the store regularly to replenish their reserves, skin care, usually a relatively large transaction. The second type of customers were mothers who came into the shop ac.panied by one or more children. The kids made a bee line for the meeting room while the mother focuses on product samples. Purchases, if one was made was usually a single element of small size. The third customer group consisted of customers who love to discuss the price. This customer is typically selected products, and .plained that the price was too high. Personal Celia wanted to spend time with the first group of customers. The second and the third group are often wasted his time. Solution: When Celia looked closely at its customers, it could make some immediate changes. First of all, began to Preferred Customer program, which was offered to all those who have spent at least a certain amount of your purchase. All the best customers of Celia can easily fit into this category. The program included a newsletter, special promotions and samples. Inside, the warehouse, waiting room for a while ‘renovated and the area was clearly marked as preferred seating customers . Secondly, reduced samples of products are distributed throughout the store. Small signs were used in different places tell customers to obtain product samples for the staff. At the same time, the staff has been trained to help customers make a purchase. They also learned how to politely remind mothers deal with unruly children. Third, the staff has been trained to deal with people who constantly .plained about the price. If someone wanted a rebate based on the expiry of special rates, she politely said she could wait until the product was advertised as a special at a later date. Alternatively, it can .plete a questionnaire rather .plete and return to his off after being reviewed by management. Result: Celia staff was a bit worried about how some customers would react to changes. The simple training they received made them more confident. A few customers , all groups were less desirable embarrassed at first. Some left and never returned. Some were best customers. Celia customers the best remained. Many made positive .ments about the changes. Celia and her staff began to enjoy their work more. They discovered they had more time to think about attracting and retaining their best customers . They asked for customer feedback and trying new things while keeping everything worked well. Before long, they were well on their way to the goal Celia sales double. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: