To raise money to see! All the chips players colorful vote in the non – standard accommodation bet – 4000dy

To raise money to see! Raise the players colorful vote in the non – standard accommodation gambling a – Sohu travel to raise the public is not a strange concept. But this concept into the tourism circle, colorful investment is the first to eat crab. Houses, apartments, The Inn Boutique…… The accommodation industry upstart projects through investigation and screening into the colorful cast, investors view. How to explore new profit model, how to link houses, apartments, The Inn Boutique and investors rely on what to come up with more market demand for products that are colorful for the establishment of two years, have been solved. With all the chips into the non-standard accommodation mentioned tourism + financial technology, industry practice is mostly concentrated in the payment side, focusing on the tourism industry investment and financing business, colorful cast is the first. In recent years, The Inn Boutique, accommodation, apartment accommodation industry gradually become a hot spot for investment, and colorful cast in 2 years ago on this piece of blue ocean. The colorful cast CEO Zhao Gengqian introduced to the giants, from the capital of the heat, the joint office and other types of projects by the capital blitz, but also a good momentum of development and other non-standard accommodation Inn B & B industry but did not get enough attention to the capital. From the point of view of the scale of the project in 2014, colorful cast into all the chips in the field, China raised the development of the market is still at the primary stage, tens of hundreds of millions or even billions of large projects are not suitable for the public to raise investment, but the relatively small size of the Inn Bed and breakfast, are more likely to be completed. At the same time, due to the higher mobility and consumer attributes, such products are more suitable for the public to raise the market. Cut into the field of precision non-standard congregation raised to become experts in market segments, colorful cast 1 years. From 2015 to carry out the business so far, colorful investment has completed more than and 70 projects to raise the public, raise the scale of public funds of $150 million, the total size of the project to raise the total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan. Not long ago, the colorful cast has just got from tens of millions of Yuan ener angel, Pre-A round of financing for capital investment and share the top 3 VC, access to capital must be in the capital in the winter. The first brand management company in the hotel industry stay to try private equity financing, in the colorful cast line less than half a day raised to nearly 20 million yuan. Hit investment + consumption card to attract capital into the colorful cast of the congregation raised for many investors is also a new model. In this mode, the The Inn Boutique Inn B & B in areas such as entrepreneurs can enter the platform to raise public funds through the colorful cast after the audit, the proportion of the total investment is usually below 40%. Colorful cast team will be customized according to the specific circumstances of the project and the financing requirements of the public to raise programs, such as the amount of each investment, income, etc.. Investors can understand the project on the colorful platform, you can also visit the field. Zhao Gengqian introduction, colorful cast will recommend investors to choose their own space closer to the project investment, so investors will be more involved, but also more convenient to understand the operation of the project. Colorful cast the current way to raise the public, including private equity, public spending and raise the right to raise public. Private equity congregation to raise the lowest share of about 5000-10000 yuan, and its benefits include physical and equity.相关的主题文章: