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Marketing Looking for an elegant, cost-effective way to promote your brand, reward your employees, or stay active in the community? Check out these seven fantastic uses for custom designed metal lapel pins. 1.Meet new customers. As a way to get face to face with thousands of potential new customers in a short time, trade shows are ideal. But how many of the people you meet today will remember you tomorrow? Instead of simply offering a business card or coupon thats likely to wind up forgotten in a jacket pocket, give visitors a sophisticated lapel pin in the shape of your logo. 2.Reward loyalty. Annual festivals and events give you a chance to have fun while rewarding your best customers. Free popcorn, hotdogs, and balloons are proven ways to fill your parking lot in the summer months, and a lapel pin to mark the occasion will act as a constant reminder of your company’s commitment to customer service. 3.Sponsor a sporting event. Looking to reach thousands of potential customers quickly? Pin day" at your local ballpark fits the bill. Custom lapel pins bearing your logo and offered to the first 1,000 or 3,000 sports fans through the door will have everyone in town talking about you. Add to the excitement by offering a discount on products or services when customers visit your location wearing their pin. 4.Recognize employees. When your employees are happy, customer service, productivity, and even profits improve. Honoring their achievements with a small token of appreciation is a nice way to say "thank you." Paper certificates fade and gift cards are quickly spent and forgotten, but a fine piece of jewelry can be worn proudly or displayed in a frame for years. Reward your staff for meeting quality system or safety goals, years of service, or other important milestones. 5.Reward your volunteers. You may not be able to pay them for the hours they donate to your organization, but giving a quality lapel pin as a token of your gratitude will always be appreciated. What’s more, it will be worn proudly for years to come, helping to raise awareness of your cause. 6.Recognize top performers. Fund raising awards are another important way you can offer an incentive for all the hard work your volunteers provide. Colored gemstones can signify various levels of money raised, and give you a fun way to encourage a little friendly competition among the volunteers to achieve a "diamond" ranking. 7.Announce your candidacy. Politicians looking for a memorable alternative to postcards and lawn signs should consider lapel pins. Small enough to fit nicely into an envelope, and unlikely to be tossed into a junk drawer and forgotten, top-quality metal lapel pins make a strong statement about your commitment and values. Even better, when your supporters wear them, your pins become a walking, talking endorsement. The unique look of custom lapel pins works to get your message in front of the people who matter most. Even more importantly, though, high-quality pins are affordable on just about any budget. Look for pin manufacturers that offer free artwork and design, color matching, and who guarantee their workmanship. Remember, your pin is a reflection of your brand, so be sure to choose top-quality metal pins for your next promotion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: