Tsinghua University for the first time this year, the pilot in the Trinity comprehensive evaluation mp7a1

Tsinghua University this year for the first time in the trial of the trinity of comprehensive evaluation Enrollment – China Network August 18th, Tsinghua University held a new school opening ceremony. From Zhenhai Middle School of Zhejiang province Ningbo City, Luce? Became a member of more than 3000 new "Tsinghua". But unlike many other classmates, Luce? "Promotion", Tsinghua University in Zhejiang for the first time trial "three-in-one" enrollment results. The so-called "Trinity" is based on the college entrance examination scores of candidates, the overall quality of the evaluation results and high school test scores in the synthesis of the proportion of the results of the best candidates. This is the first time for Tsinghua University "three-in-one" comprehensive evaluation of enrollment in Zhejiang Province, according to the 6: 3 ratio of 1, the college entrance examination scores accounted for 60%, the comprehensive test accounted for 30%, accounting for 10% of the high school proficiency test, the final conversion for the comprehensive performance of the candidates. Also for the first time in the trial of the Trinity Trinity admissions as well as Peking University. The last year has started to explore the Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, University of Science & Technology China, Academy of Sciences, Chinese University Hong Kong China (Shenzhen), Zhejiang province in 2016 for "three-in-one" comprehensive evaluation of university enrollment has reached 8, the enrollment of more than 1200 people. Step 1 in determining put number of candidates to submit material on the Internet, to participate in the examination of high school, the achievement has been ranked Luce? Grade 5, 10 subjects of academic proficiency test scores are A; high school participated in mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry competition and won the provincial awards, which won the three biological competition national prize. In the past few years, this kind of students has been the leading talent selection "Tsinghua University" and "Peking University liberal arts talent training plan enrollment for the crowd. Luce? Always have the intention to apply for the two enrollment plan. But the first two months of the college entrance examination, he learned that Tsinghua University in Zhejiang to use Trinity comprehensive evaluation of enrollment. "Although the ‘Trinity’ comprehensive evaluation method is not like the" leading talent selection ", it can drop a few, but I think this is more challenging, more scientific. After all, I not only want to go to Tsinghua University, but also hope to be able to enter their favorite professional, along the direction of their real interest to go." Luce determined?. Registration time is from May 25th to 28. To submit the registration form, Ruth? After the first step has been completed, but for Tsinghua teachers, material work has just begun. Tsinghua will organize a group of experts on the candidates to submit material for the trial, including the evaluation standard of student’s high school development and the whole process of performance, such as extracurricular research or study, creative innovation, strong style, volunteer activities, personal statement and recommendation etc.. For the first year in the "three-in-one" comprehensive evaluation of Tsinghua University admissions, should put in a lot of places in Zhejiang Province, how to ensure the reform of enrollment in Zhejiang after the enrollment plan is not lower than in previous years, really let the teachers responsible for a lot of thoughts. "After careful argumentation, finally determined to adopt" three-in-one "with the college entrance examination in Zhejiang)相关的主题文章: