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Tuniu ten years, Internet banking is a field of science and Technology Abstract: tuniu Sohu for ten years, said in the past, the future, OTA have the layout of the Internet financial market. The media reported the | November 9th training camp Wang Hong tuniu.com has gone through ten years, tuniu.com CEO in duright tuniu said that over the past 10 years, has focused on online leisure travel market. The future, the way cattle will be announced through the group of group company, promote the development of new business, the business will be split into two sections tourism subsidiary and subsidiary financial technology. It is reported that the next step in the development of the way cattle group aims to service air tickets, hotels, finance, film and television, wedding and other new business segments. The next ten years, the force of air ticket and hotel business tuniu.com President Yan Haifeng said, the way cattle has completed the online leisure travel industry leading target, the next ten years, air tickets, hotel has become the focus of development direction. Tuniu began to increase in ticket hotel investment in the market, from last year in July 12th this year, tuniu announced the official to enter the online ticket and hotel reservation market. In the interview after 8 days, Yan Haifeng explained, tuniu said the tickets and the hotel business includes two aspects: the first is to separate the air tickets and hotel booking; second tickets and then packing, packing and other resources of the hotel, tickets and other resources of the packet packaged in a way. The "package of services", it is fundamental to the way cattle want to force. Over the past ten years, air tickets and hotels are scheduled to be independent of a single, homogeneous, but now the situation has changed, the guests of leisure travel, began to book the wine packaging products, including air tickets, etc.. OTA layout of the Internet Banking for tuniu positioning, duright will be divided into three stages. The first is to make online leisure travel industry first, second is the first in the entire online leisure travel industry to achieve profitability, the industry is the industry’s profitability to enhance the fastest one of the fastest third. Tuniu is one very early into each other a gold field, currently has a fund sales, insurance brokerage, commercial factoring, financial leasing and other licenses. In September 2015, tuniu announced its two commercial factoring companies have been approved, becoming the first to enter the tourism market of commercial factoring online travel company. Tuniu more than, many tourist platforms have started wading in the rapid development of Internet banking, online travel today, the financial demand is also growing, brings the opportunity for online travel companies into the Internet banking. In fact, the current OTA companies in the field of the basic layout of Internet banking, whether it is Ctrip, where to go, or the same way, donkey mother, etc. have mutual gold business content. With the increasingly fierce competition between OTA, financial services is in line with the destination of tourism resources to develop a new profit spot, so the same way and the way cattle, Ctrip have entered the field of Tourism Financial services. The industry generally believes that the financial sector involved in the payment, tax rebates and other services will be the next battleground OTA competition. Media training camp profile: media training camp!相关的主题文章: