Turkey 000 civil servants involved in the coup was sacked 15 media were banned jessica rabbit

Turkey 000 civil servants involved in the coup was sacked 15 media banned original title: Turkey: more than 10 thousand officers sacked 15 media banned [global network reporter Zhao Yizhen reported] according to Radio France International reported on October 30th, the Turkey authorities announced the evening of October 29th political order, additional government officials sacked 10131. This is the follow-up of the Ankara in July 15th after the attempted coup. Previously, many public officials have been implicated. According to reports, was declared sacked officials mainly related to the country’s Ministry of education, Ministry of justice and the Ministry of health system, namely the teachers, judges and medical personnel. At the same time, another decree of the Turkey authorities released the same day announced the closure of 15 media, most of them are pro Kurdish media. In addition, the abolition of the president of the University of Turkey electoral system, instead of President El, President of the Higher Education Council recommended candidates for the appointment of University presidents. Reported that after the attempted coup in July, more than 35 thousand people have been arrested in Turkey. There are tens of thousands of teachers, police and judges. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: