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U.S. media: election approaching the gloomy atmosphere enveloped the whole American Sohu News Reference News Network reported on November 8th U.S. media said, in the tumultuous unpredictability of the 2016 election, one thing is always the same: the status of the American political voters disappointed. According to the United States, "the Wall Street journal" website reported on November 6th, with the election approaching, they more than ever feel disgusted, this protracted election has set a new record in vulgar and mean. Look at the recent scene of Wisconsin Eau claire. Police set up roadblocks, thousands of Trump supporters, and hundreds of anti Trump demonstrators on the other side, the two sides continue to abuse each other. The election may have changed the United States, making the country more divided than the beginning of the election, and less tolerant of differing views. A former George W. Bush adviser Peter? Werner said: "people of every kind of negative feelings for this election have been enlarged. The process is ugly and stupid…… By the time the new president is elected, the public will be exhausted." According to the United States, "Losangeles times" website reported on November 6th, will decide the next president of the United States, the atmosphere is very gloomy. A civilized warfare consists of flashy words and resentment swept the country, has exposed deep divisions. The candidates were despised for their shortcomings and despised. Voters are tired and angry with each other, and don’t think there is anything to stop the destructive hatred that will follow the winner to washington. From Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Cincinnati, frustrated voters abound. Asked whether they have any candidate to make the country to restore calm, they are hard to see by common consent. Tessa in Ohio, Lyons, Yatsko? At the thought of this presidential campaign even pretend to smile to do. When she was 22, she shook her head and said, "she’s not going to vote.". She’s tired of all this. Azco could hardly imagine what could have been done to heal the country, except for the candidate to notice that she was so far away from the election. "I just want to hear people talk about the people and what people want," she said." What do people want? She said, "honest. Sincere." She doesn’t think she can get it. In a poll conducted by investigators in October, 50% of Americans said that the United States is now more divided than ever, and that the split will continue for a long time to come. Another 30% think the United States is more divided than ever, but said the United States will be able to restore unity in the near future. Less than 1/5 of the people think that this country has not reduced to the division of the state. The cycle of distrust brings pessimism. In Ohio, Medina, lawyer Dave Roque said: "God? People don’t believe the politicians now." In Pittsburgh, Jeanne, Stephenson, and the couple, both of whom are not excited about the election, are not optimistic about the situation after the election in the. Jeanne said that neither Trump nor Mr Hilary has talked about climate change and education, nor did they talk about it"相关的主题文章: