U.S. stocks on Friday before the little change in payrolls data is lower than expected replays.net

U.S. stocks set Friday before the little change in payrolls data than expected Tencent Securities News Beijing time on September 2nd evening news, according to the market observation website reported that the payrolls report released, U.S. stocks set Friday before the big change. Investors are still evaluating the next rate hike. As of press time, the Dow Jones industrial average index futures rose 18.42 points to 18419.30 points, or 0.10%; the Nasdaq 100 index rose 13.99 points, or 0.27% to 5227.21 points; the S & P 500 index fell 0.09 points to 2170.86 points, or less than 0.01%. Macro policy: according to the latest data released by the U.S. Department of labor, the United States in August the number of new jobs is only 151 thousand, slightly less than expected, which means that the Fed may end before the presidential election will not raise interest rates. Analysts had previously said that if the employment data is better, then this may be the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates on September 20th to 21, the central bank’s decision to provide full reason. It is understood that the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen Genette released Friday review, said the Fed may raise interest rates in the next few months. The possibility of raising interest rates in September and in December. U.S. stocks closed on Thursday remained basically unchanged, in which the proceeds of the technology sector just offset the adverse effects of factory activity stagnation and lower oil prices. Stocks: Sportswear retailer Lululemon Athletica shares under $8.5% to $70.12. Prior to the company issued comparable sales lower than expected. Smith & Wesson holding company shares rose 2.3% to $30.25, after the gun sales rose full year revenue outlook. Video processing chip maker AMBARELLA shares fell 3.8% to $69.02. Prior to the company released a quarterly report shows that the company’s quarterly sales fell. Other markets: gold prices rose $9.70, or $0.74% to $1326.80. Silver prices rose $0.277, or $1.49% to $19.22. Crude oil prices rose $0.66, or $1.41% to $43.77. (Yi Hai) for more details, welcome to search public number: WeChat financial Tencent (financeapp).相关的主题文章: