Upgrade the luxury car business competition the overall increase of nearly 20% price war started douke

Upgrade the luxury car business competition: the overall increase of nearly 20% price war broke the second tier luxury car brand in the spare no effort to catch up. The overall increase of nearly 20% luxury car luxury car prices competitive upgrade earlier this year, many luxury brands in China altogether. In recent years, many luxury brands announced before and after the domestic. However, the impact of several rounds down, luxury car brand quickly found that the market and the realization of domestic does not mean to be able to stand, must be more sincere price and new products to consumers. With a variety of new and low pricing, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Jaguar Land Rover in the first eight months of this year earned pours. Volvo, Lexus, Acura have also stood on the threshold, the Bureau intends to eager for a fight. The thematic map of Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhou Weili China luxury car market into xiangbobo China despite the overall automobile market growth has slowed sharply, but the luxury car market is still a fertile soil. The automobile association and the import data show that as of August, the overall increase of luxury cars reached 17.4%. Among them, Audi BMW Mercedes Benz growth rate reached 13.4%, higher than the same period last year. In the second camp, including Lexus, Cadillac, Volvo, Land Rover, Infiniti, Jaguar, the growth rate of up to 22.2%. Europe and the United States did not get rid of the crisis of the car market, China has become a luxury car brands paradise. Competition between the first and second tier camp is difficult to avoid. With the implementation of domestic Acura, Audi BMW Benz once proud of "localization" advantage does not exist, is bound to cause the domestic luxury car market competition intensifies. Camp two or three invested heavily in domestic, must be based on the scale of the premise, otherwise the country will lose its significance. Automotive analyst told reporters in an interview with reporters, said the second tier luxury car prices in the brand and product force in the steady improvement. Wilson’s data show that as of the end of August, Audi BMW and Mercedes Benz in the overall luxury car market accounted for 69.9%. Over the same period last year, the share accounted for 72.3%. Nevertheless, the luxury car brand into China’s enthusiasm has not weakened. In their view, the future of China’s luxury car market is still full of gold". According to the experience of developed markets in Europe and the United States, luxury car market share is generally more than 10%, car developed countries such as Germany can reach 30%, China’s automobile market is currently only a proportion of only 8%. Now it is difficult to predict how the luxury car market in China will reach the height, but luxury is always the direction of consumers pay. Who will replace SUV as the next hot spot of consumption? Not necessarily a certain type of car, there may be some temperament models, luxury is one of the loudest voices, it seems, and even the only direction. For China’s domestic brands, only with the luxury to climb the relationship, it is possible to grow in the future of the automotive market more intense competition. It is not hard to understand, the Great Wall, Changan, trumpchi, Chery, Geely has been doing to try the brand. Sino US luxury car price war began to narrow the gap between the price, from the beginning of last year, luxury car prices will rise and fall, BMW Audi part of the vehicle directly hit ten percent off, twenty percent off discount, and even a special load of 25% off. After a substantial discount, the price of luxury cars in China and the United States the same basic models. New car.相关的主题文章: