Uzbekistan acting president Mir Ziyoev meets with Wang Yi-ca1835

Mir Ziyoev, President of Uzbekistan, met with Wang Yi – local time on November 12, 2016, Uzbekistan’s acting president, in Tashkent, met with foreign minister, Mr, on. Mir Ziyoev first asked Wang Yi to convey to President Xi Jinping’s cordial greetings and good wishes, thanks to Wang Yi’s visit to Samarkand to pay homage to the first Ukrainian first president Karimov. The historical contributions made by Karimov to consolidate Ukraine meters high evaluation of national independence and development, would like to thank President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders to Ukraine in Ukraine the key moment of the support and care. Uzbekistan China as a great neighbor, thanks to firmly support China Ukraine the path of development in line with their national conditions, which fully embodies the Ukraine between height of the high level of political mutual trust and mutual support. The Ukrainian side is willing to build a "The Belt and Road" as an opportunity to further consolidate and develop bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership. Uzbekistan firmly support a Chinese policy support, Chinese maintain their own core interests and major concerns, support China’s position in the fight against the "three forces", and coordination with China in the Shanghai cooperation organization and other multilateral frameworks to strengthen cooperation, to push bilateral relations to a new level. Wang Yi conveyed the cordial greetings from President Xi Jinping to Mr. Mir Ziyoev. Wang Yi said, Karimov is the first president of Ukraine, is also a good friend China people, the historical contributions made by the Chinese President Karimov spoke highly of the development of bilateral relations. Since taking office as president, he has repeatedly expressed his willingness to further develop the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and uzbekistan. My visit is an important task to implement the important consensus reached by leaders of the two countries, how to promote the further development of bilateral relations under the new situation. Wang Yi said that China attaches great importance to the development of bilateral relations and is willing to make joint efforts with Uruguay and fully implement the important consensus of the two heads of state meeting in Tashkent reached in June this year. A new stage after the Ukrainian domestic election will go into the future; Ukraine relations coincides with the 25 anniversary of the establishment of next year, will enter a new period of the past. In this important historical juncture, China is willing to work with Uzbekistan to seize the opportunity, forge ahead, to build a "Belt and Road Initiative to lead, strengthen mutual support and strategic docking, to push bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership has made more achievements in the new period.相关的主题文章: