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Vegetable prices go high: the highest 15 yuan per catty cooking grass surpassed 10 yuan morning news jimaocai, con 4-6 yuan a catty, cucumber 3-5 yuan a catty, more powerful color vegetables to sell 12-15 yuan a pound of grass, chrysanthemum, shepherd’s purse was over 10 yuan jin. Reporters learned yesterday from the city part of the vegetable market, the price of vegetables in Shanghai this year has been 8 months high, after entering in September, the price was pushed up again. Insiders said that this situation is rare in the past 10 years. The market yesterday, the price of vegetables is still in the "Mid Autumn Festival after the price of the bull market, most of the vegetables price is still high, and no fall after the price. Tang Jia Wan, Ninghai Road, Madang Road, Renmin Road and other farms all kinds of vegetables, but the price for "a superb collection of beautiful things, horse sister are staggering: in addition to the daily vegetables, cauliflower to sell 5-6 yuan a catty, tomato 3.5-5 yuan a catty, even the most common vegetables generally sell 2.5-4 yuan a catty yesterday. Reporters in the market slightly statistics, found that in addition to a small amount of white gourd, radish and other vegetables, more than 90% per catty of vegetables is priced at 2.5 yuan. "After the last year in May, as the weather gets warmer, vegetable prices will come down significantly, but the price of vegetables this year seems not significantly falling." Many are buying food "Ma sister-in-law" memories, in June and July this year is the cheapest price time, this year is always in the high price, with the bulk of vegetables for example, almost no fell to 2 yuan per catty and below, many market vegetable prices remained at 3 yuan per catty and above. A "Ma sister-in-law" speech, "during the Mid Autumn Festival jimaocai generally sold for five or six yuan a pound, the next two weeks vegetable prices are not cheap, because followed by National Day." It is reported that this year the first wave of vegetable prices rose after the Spring Festival in January, the advent of the frozen days, although the price has declined, but the decline is not obvious, vegetable prices remain high. Shanghai agricultural products wholesale market stakeholders told reporters that this year due to the high price of vegetables rare, since this year the weather is striking one snag after another including Shanghai, give a serious impact around the vegetable planting. In January this year appear extremely rare frozen days, then Huangmei days consecutive rainy days, Huangmei day is over and hit the three days of continuous high temperature, pressure wave which including Shanghai, surrounding areas of vegetable growth suffered heavy losses. August, along the Yangtze River floods, but also lead to a lot of vegetables along the Yangtze River supply of vegetables in Shanghai significantly reduced. Many industry insiders believe that the current situation on the market and supply, this year, people want to eat like that in previous years, the price of food is not promising. Vegetable planting does not take the industrialized production and advanced production technology, only rely on the government to subsidize policy support, difficult to get out on the road, the public is also difficult to eat to steady the cheaper price of vegetables. Hot news: Shanghai municipal government led the new division of labor: should brave the executive vice mayor of electronic police illegal capture enabled one and a half million Pudong accumulated 1.88 SMS sent a man from the 15 Floor falls dead was a single tenant exposure Liu Xiang father had advised Liu Xiang Wu Sha accused the suspect Wu Sha break up cheating derailed rise相关的主题文章: