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"Water" donkey deletion exposure innocent correspondent kiss reversal exposed insider – Sohu’s primary school teachers spring sun photo entertainment President Zhang Yiman, Zhou Tienan, Pei Kuishan, a Sohu entertainment news by Zhou Shen, Liu Lu screenwriter director of comedy film "donkey" national film is water. The release of the film more than a week, the heat is still unabated. Today, the film side and then exposed a group of cut scenes, the iron man with Allison kiss off, to satisfy the audience; more exposed on the role of the Ombudsman’s "shaking inside, surprising.     "donkey" word of mouth water strong popular applause topic film "donkey" clash of water released more than a week, the heat is still unabated, in the Hollywood blockbuster strong row piece under the impact of attendance rate still remain strong. The movie box office reputation both rosy, both critically acclaimed and applauded, profound connotation of the theme is causing serious confrontation of critics in academia, culture media such as "Beijing News" gives full page comments, many senior film critic of the film large sustained attention, continuous posting. The film was released simultaneously in North America, "Losangeles times" "New York Times" all commented on the film’s deep excavation of human praise. Deletion exposure correspondent exposure "innocent kiss reversal shaking inside after the cast had revealed that the film actor Zhou Tienan Liu Shuailiang, actor Sun Jia Bu Guanjin, was the movie screen kiss here. Today the exposure of the deleted scenes, will cut the iron man and Allison kiss released, Allison’s outspoken upright pure and lovely, iron man, in this scene of pure natural outpouring of kissing, touching. Allison is more "donkey water" singing in the video, the characters more fullness. Another "shaking insider" in the video also was exposed: the villain in the Ombudsman should have is a good man, surprising I have more space to think.相关的主题文章: