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"We have come to the" Song Xiaobao sun shine to Carina Lau "Renqin" – Sohu   entertainment; Song Andy and Carina Lau " to " entertainment Sohu; magazine; Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" this week will continue to force, on Friday 20:20 broadcast of the seventh period. This week’s special join "x actor" is a famous comedy actor Song Xiaobao, he let the arrival of guests pleasantly surprised, but also to the scene atmosphere is active. In this week’s show, Song Xiaobao changed his style, put funny side instead talking about feelings, is with Sheenah, Carina Lau exposes the indissoluble bound, let everyone by surprise. Song Xiaobao with photos of "Renqin" Carina Lau: he brought me a lot of joy to Song Xiaobao’s "we are coming", staged a funny version of "Renqin" assembly, and the object is actually Carina Lau magazine. One is growing up in Suzhou Hongkong actor, is a native of the Northeast comedy, the two look "eight pole could not beat", what is the origin? The scene in the program, to "Renqin" Song Xiaobao took out his daily photo and Carina Lau makeup photos, initially puzzled Carina Lau after seeing the photo see light suddenly burst out laughing. Originally, Carina Lau once in micro-blog released one of their makeup photos, sparked heated online debate, many netizens evaluation Ka-ling sister "natural beauty", also some people ridicule in the photo wearing sportswear, fitness after Ka-ling sister like Andy song. Carina Lau was ridicule very generous, not only kindly reply users of the message, to show their great love song Andy also said publicly, he brings a lot of happiness for yourself. Song Xiaobao exposes the trough behind said by Sheenah will never forget the kindness at the age of 19 began to learn and Song Xiaobao, only in recent years began to enter into the audience’s vision, then by virtue of sketch "intimate" classic clips ", and the rain descends and the soaring popularity". Always funny clown image amused Song Xiaobao, remove the guard in the US "come", and they share their heart to say. In the program he talked about his experience, sincere tone about his sad story of some unknown, for all the guests have moved. The Song Xiaobao program is still talking about his friendship with Sheenah, Sheenah said his help when she is in the most bitter, you will never forget. Song Xiaobao, Carina Lau, Sheenah and indissoluble bound, more content is also to be announced in the program. Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV, "we have come," together to find the answer!相关的主题文章: