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Webpage Game explosion of the following 37 games the National Day expedition essential cheats day, where the line? Before we ask this question, we need to consider not time, not money, but everyone… Even if you crossed the mountains and the sea, but also through the sea of faces! As the saying goes off a little block, long big block, go out travel, like a zombie siege! National day seven days: the siege of huge crowds of people! Speaking of dead rising, have to mention the recent depth hot "Busan line", if there is a naive zombie siege, your first choice is: A: want what to pack his mobile phone wallet, satuijiupao ah B: run what ah, zombies all occupy residential takeaway restaurants, home etc. die C: die can’t help you, I hear a lot of beautiful zombie, quite "zombie". D: whether it is quite extreme zombie, zombie, zombie or special, not going anywhere, just listen to the radio to inform E: what’s up, still believe that the radio or. After the last game at home celebration home diversity explosion models Webpage Game realignment in 37 games, "the legend of BR" brother "assembly," cavalry charge sang long gone, "dragon" uprising God, "Wu Zhao Zilong" three of the world, and the "big Angel Sword" set off a fierce fighting foreign hegemony, "God" of the gods blessing Ze supreme glory, "blue moon" the legendary hero, a hero for the times. Whether the game in the frenzied "zombies" bluster, a 37 game expedition cheats, everything will be easy. The explosion Webpage Game realignment explosion Webpage Game realignment, 37 game intentions to launch the national day seven days, grab the code to win lucky expedition cheats "iphone7". From October 1st to October 8th, game player through the event page, select any game demos, can play two games every day, play the full 3 minutes, you can receive the game exclusive exclusive spree and a lucky draw code. Numerous experience, boundless power equipment, minute power game player to fly, and have the opportunity to exchange code lottery lucky gift, don’t forget to leave the real address, in order to harvest the drop from the clouds. Harvest the lucky gifts even though the outside "dead rising", I can enjoy the game, not Altman second strange, not the monkey king hood I, overlapping material packs can enrich the blood, can heal, but defensive counterattack, I am I, is not like fireworks. There is the appreciation of the Jingdong in the VR card, the rolling tide swept the market bright black glasses, love crazy 7, a big wave of high ceremony waiting for lucky game player to harvest, every day can also get lucky game player to sign a code, remember to sign! Sign in! Demo! National day seven days: playing heart to create the world! 37 of the game’s official website: Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: