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Welcome the double eleven, Qingdao K-FISH STORE launched promotional activities – Sohu and K-FISH STORE is the comprehensive national brand South Korean government certification, is a set of sales of seaweed, oysters, sea cucumber, kelp is one of the South Korean high quality aquatic origin brand. K-FISH STORE (Korea water products franchise stores) in September this year in Qingdao Wanda Plaza (CBD shop) officially opened, is to meet the double eleven coming, and who fly network to join held various online and offline promotions. Now get the daily limit to 88 K-FISH STORE in the seaweed rice consumption of more than 500 yuan. At the same time, according to the amount of consumer spending in the store, will the corresponding gift box, charging treasure, etc as a souvenir. Also, online and fifast network cooperation, for a limited time discount and red delivery activities. K-FISH STORE project manager, general manager of Weihai Water Association white Zhenji said "this event, as the K-FISH STORE after the operation, for the first time to meet the double eleven and promotional activities, especially to the store to buy K-FISH products to consumers more abundant gifts, in addition, through cooperation with the fly where, by now consumers are more familiar with the mobile phone client to carry out promotional activities, I hope everyone can be a lot of attention. Now in the line of K-FISH STORE store and fly everywhere on the network app is being carried out a variety of promotional activities, the specific content can be logged on the fly where the network app or call for understanding.相关的主题文章: