Wenzhou Pudong development 1+1 eyras plan campaign nlite

Wenzhou Pudong development "1+1 eyras plan" campaign recently, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Wenzhou branch and Wenzhou branch of the Communist Youth League, the Youth League flame Zhiyuan culture media company, stick insect culture media company into the Wenzhou Yimin migrant schools to carry out the "1+1 eyras plan" public welfare activities. During the activity for the students on the vivid micro classroom "winter snow children". After class, the wisdom of the torch culture media company for students to send drama "winter snow children" tickets to encourage students to enter the Wenzhou Grand Theater to watch the drama. On the day of the performance, the young volunteers of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Wenzhou branch gathered at the Wenzhou Grand Theatre, line guide, split the crowd, and WeChat branch send gifts, stationery issued for the children of migrant workers, a lively scene. This activity is one of the Wenzhou Banking Regulatory Bureau Committee of the implementation to the school classroom and micro public welfare activities as the main carrier of the "1+1 eyras plan", Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Wenzhou branch closely linked to the municipal Party committee, Wenzhou branch banking, to care for the children of migrant workers to Wen’s physical and mental health, and strive to create a good environment for the growth of children. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has been committed to public welfare undertakings, and actively participate in various charity activities. In December 18th, Wenzhou branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank will also usher in the 20 anniversary of China Construction Bank, the bank will continue to launch charity series to "endeavour 20 years" as the theme, to return to the society.相关的主题文章: