What are the benefits of dual memory slots I can see light suddenly t6570

What are the benefits of dual memory slots? After I see light suddenly during the selection process of notebook computer, we tend to focus on appearance, notebook processor, graphics card, a little smart will pay attention to this kind of notebook computer is equipped with a SSD ssd. But both novice and veteran ignored the important factor of memory. Notebook memory is really important? So what is the role of memory? In the process of running the computer all the programs are stored in memory, such as the importation of a text, play games, or do image design, should be carried out in memory. Like in a room, shelves and bookcases is equivalent to the computer’s hard disk, storing a lot of books, but the desk is equivalent to memory, real-time read, so the memory performance will directly affect the computer speed. What are the benefits of increased memory capacity? Memory is the place where the computer temporarily stores data, just as you will only leave the books you want to read on the table, and the rest will be put into the cabinet, not all on the table. But if there are a lot of people at the same time reading books on a table, then once the table is not big enough to feel cramped. Memory is a truth, enough memory to improve the efficiency of the system, make sure you also run several software without Caton, so the memory capacity of the importance of self-evident. What are the advantages of a memory slot? Dual memory slots allow you to manually upgrade a single memory channel to a dual memory channel. The advantage is that you can not only upgrade the memory capacity, but also to enhance the bandwidth of memory processing information. For example the same build 8G memory capacity, you can directly replace a memory 8G, memory can also add a 4G based on the original 4G memory on the formation of double channel, so as to improve the efficiency of multi task CPU. DELL 5000 is such a focus on the memory of the notebook computer, it can be extended to the highest 16G of memory, with a business notebook, there is no doubt that this is strong enough to support you all the daily needs of the office, even if you used to do video, animation, basically no problem. And the use of a dual memory slot design, greatly improved the performance of the computer, for business people’s office   bring unprecedented convenience. DELL 5000 Series DELL achievement achievement 5000 light dream notebook, equipped with NVIDIA  940MX 2GB 4GB graphics card, the most advanced GDDR5 memory, enhance the performance of 29% compared to the previous generation. God is the body, HD video is no pressure, 3D game smooth shock. Fully equipped with the seventh generation intelligent Intel core processor, the highest efficiency can be increased by 58%, the highest increase of 5.3 times the graphics performance; more save energy, battery life can reach 10 hours. The new DELL 5000 Series provides more professional services and reliable protection Pro  Support  7×24 hours of full year telephone service consulting and original Engineer 7*24 hours online telephone technology.相关的主题文章: