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What? In Shanghai, the most popular is the rural household?! The account of Shanghai rural to Fortune City people only envy, our impression of the farmers is such hard work in the fields, dependent on the weather, on the ground of the harvest of domestic subsidies! But now with the appropriate tilt farmers’ economic development and policy environment and income have increased built a small house, the quality of life to rise slowly! Of course, this can not be separated from China’s policy in 2016, the welfare of farmers, it is better not to! City people do not envy oh! Is agriculture accounts for your real spring is coming! In 2016 a few days of people in rural areas will usher in a more significant good news is the first state department to the "three rural" sent the first gift of the "Office of the State Council on promoting rural one or two, three industrial convergence development guidance", covering the development of rural industry integration aspects, broaden the channels of farmers’ income, to agriculture, in rural areas, farmers more real dividends. Recently, the State Council issued the "on the integration of urban and rural residents in the basic medical insurance system", clearly put forward the integration of the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical system two, the establishment of a unified basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents. This means that rural people and urban residents can enjoy basic medical insurance benefits, and the welfare of farmers has increased! Rural household is valuable! Take a look at what are the benefits of rural household registration! Have contracted land and homestead farmers in their own homestead. Contracted land, homestead, woodland and a wide range of subsidies, as well as suburban areas of land appreciation, resulting in higher gold content of rural household registration, the attractiveness of rural household registration rose. Enjoy the collective income distribution rights, such as the allocation of land and other collective economic interests. In some places such as the village where there is now accounts, regardless of size, per person per year to dividends, but if you can’t join in the accounts, dividends. Land requisition compensation for farmers collectively owned land expropriation or requisition, and in accordance with the original purpose of land acquisition compensation. Farmers can buy a house to buy a house, but the city residents to buy houses in rural areas is not protected by law. The serious illness insurance and the new rural cooperative medical system are the farmers’ medical mutual aid system. Serious illness insurance for the high cost of medical expenses to be reimbursed, the proportion of farmers involved in NCMS reimbursement ratio of not less than 50%. NCMS funding for the government to give a certain amount of subsidies. Some villages in rural areas, rural accounts, where men over the age of 45, women over the age of 40, have bought a pension insurance. As long as a small amount of money, the man to 60 years old, female to the age of 55, you can receive a monthly pension. On the other hand, if you don’t have a job, you have to buy your own pension insurance. Family both spouses are agricultural population, the first child is a girl may have a second child (of course, now the country has liberalized the two-child policy), rural one-child families and women households families enjoy state subsidies. Free compulsory education in rural areas. It’s really a lot of benefits! Xian! Mu! Rural household friends must cherish! Also hope that in the future there will be more good policies ~ ~ look forward to it! Are you also thinking相关的主题文章: