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What is the killer, let my wedding ring colorful pressure bestie? Sohu have good tourism around bestie wedding chose the local studio in local shooting. There are only two forms: a monotonous studio or a city park. Similar to pose, a similar scene, took out a few of the album, at first glance, didn’t know who was who. The temperature dropped, an inattentive missed the best temperature to shoot the wedding, watching bestie shivered, really distressed. Think of the moment Sanya sunshine, sand and sea quiet, avoid the wedding photography peak, avoid cold cold, decided to go to Sanya, travel, wedding! With different bestie, colorful roses in the global trip shoot do not have to worry about the landing will be at a loss what to do in a strange city, colorful roses have 24 hours pick-up service, patiently waiting for the staff warm reception, help new luggage directly to the hotel entrance. If the weather is too early, five minutes walk from the hotel to the colorful rose Sanya store to pick a dress, 7rose, expert commentary special experience of professional services, the United States and the United States own advance notice tomorrow ~ out of the store, here is a coastal city unique moist sea breeze, the remaining time of the seafood, on the beach, pick up shells… Enjoy the sweet time at 18°. The dense, hazy mist open eyes, seven or eight in the morning the sun is most comfortable. Secure from beauty sleep to wake up, don’t worry like bestie that get up at 6 through the congestion of people rushed to the studio to the streets, fatigued with the journey. In the mood of a honeymoon, wait for 7rose’s stylist and make-up artist to play magic. Of course, if love walk in the warm sunshine, a five minute walk to the road birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, colorful roses stores can also make up. Bestie said a cold air coming? But baby in Sanya! Still holding flowers, wearing white gauze skirt elegant light, across the sea, the beautiful fish around, beautiful coral in the swing, flowery, posture stretch, fresh and free in the lens, not like studio rigid single, blue sky, coconut trees, warm white… All the scenery in Sanya is the backdrop of wedding photos. Each girl’s heart has a beautiful dream, in the best time, record the best of their own. Make this wonderful photography experience and bestie share, will lead to their envy. The weather is too cold, just in Sanya. The warmth and comfort of Sanya can meet you on all the illusion of a love of a solemn pledge of love. Away from the haze to enjoy the deep breath, face the sea to shoot the wedding! Colorful rose in November 11th, there are also global travel activities oh相关的主题文章: