Where did the boy go Nearly 10, 000 refugees arrived in Germany after the disappearance of Sohu news candle june

Where did the boy go? Nearly 10 million refugees arrived in Germany after the disappearance of missing – Sohu news network August 30, according to foreign media reports, since the beginning of the year, the number of missing minors increased nearly doubled. How do hundreds of thousands of children "disappear" in a country like Germany? Many refugee minors may be to their relatives, friends or to Germany and other European countries to — but also those missing? Local time on August 18, 2014, Istanbul, Iraq, Syria refugees fled to Turkey asylum, a refugee child to eat food from the mother to pick up the trash. German Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau (BKA) said that in July 1st released a report that a total of 8991 children and young people in Germany registered missing. This figure is more than in 2015, more than the beginning of this year, the number of missing minors nearly doubled. The missing number registered in early 2016 was 4749. According to the German Federal Bureau of criminal investigation revealed that 8046 minors aged between 14 to 17 years old, and the remaining 867 people under the age of 13. Additional 78 people aged over 18 are missing, the Bureau added. With the increasing number of missing refugee minors, pointed out that the German Federal Bureau of criminal investigation, wave of refugees last year, resulting in a large number of unaccompanied refugee minors into Germany, but most of the missing case no criminal background. Repeated registration occurred May 31, 2016 hearing, last week from the ship to the Mediterranean, probably hundreds of refugees drowned in the sea, the humanitarian organization released a German rescue drowning baby photos refugees embrace hope to convince the European authorities, to ensure that refugees can safely pass, to avoid a repeat of the tragedy. A spokesman for the Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau said, "most of the missing children is to life in Germany or other European countries, parents, relatives or acquaintances." This leads to distortion of statistical data, while the number of missing persons is on the rise. Even if the missing children want to reach the place, usually the German authorities can not get the feedback information, their names still appear in the lost population system. There are usually a number of cases of registration. The Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau said that because the registrant does not have a passport, there is no evidence to prove their identity, and even the name of each time they are different, so there is the case of repeated registration. It can be said that the whole of Europe there is no accurate missing population data. The European Criminal Police Organization (Europol) said that in February this year, at least 10000 unaccompanied minors missing in europe. During that time, the number increased significantly. Many people go to the family, but also can not rule out the crime may. Krueger, chairman of Krü, a German children’s Aid Association (Thomas), said the shocking disappearance of the ger was the most worrying thing: the exploitation of youth, sexual slavery, and even the sale of organs. Krueger said, we can not let the fate of so many minors are always unknown." Police and federal.相关的主题文章: