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Where is the birthplace of the eight sects of Buddhism? Take you to see what kokuseiji (map) article: good net 1, Zhejiang Guoqing temple is a Buddhist "Tiantai" is the birthplace of Taoism Nanzong Zuting location and any "living Buddha" hometown is famous in the world. Suikai Huang eighteen years (598) to create. Chi in Tiantai Mountain open up China’s Buddhist Tiantai temple, this Chinese Tiantai root temple. Japanese Buddhism and Tiantai Sect Nichiren sect in Tiantai Mountain for Zuting Guoqing temple. There are a lot of Buddhist sects and China have a direct or indirect origin. Tang Zhenyuan ten years (804) Japanese monk Saicho his disciples Yoshima to temple, full of learning teaching view from the road, and according to the mysterious, mysterious way by the Bodhisattva precepts. After returning to the creation of Japan Buddhist Tiantai, Nichiren sect, Fengguo Temple Qing zuting. Medium for seven years (853), in the case of Wuzu round Jane; four roads of the Southern Song (1168), the Rinzai Chuzu Rong Xi, have successively come to tour method. In recent years, the worship of ancestor court who is not on the way. 2, the Nanjing Qixia temple is a Buddhist "three ancestor" birthplace. In seven years (489) to create the sun. Sui jizang founded Buddhism in China on this case. One of the four major domestic Buddhist jungle. Qixia temple was built in the Southern Qi Yongming seven years (489 years). Liang Senglang in the big three Philip doctrine, known as the ancestor in jiangnan. Qixia temple in the history of several names. Originally called Qixia temple, the Tang Dynasty renamed merit temple, the Five Dynasties and ten to Miaoyin temple, Song Dynasty was renamed Puyun temple, Qixia temple, Chong Bao temple, Taktshang Goemba. Ming Hongwu five years (1372) called Qixia temple. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and Qing war, Qixia temple was destroyed in the war. 1919 reconstruction. 3, is a Buddhist monastery in Shanxi province "pure land" birthplace. The mysterious temple (map) built in the Northern Wei Yan Xing two years (472). The cradle of pure land. The Buddhist Pure Land Sect and its system of Japan are considered as ancestral courts. Great influence at home and abroad. The temple of Tang Mu Changqing three years (AD 832 years) "special forest land to give Si Zhuang Ji" Wei "inscription records, sixth Wang Xiaowen Emperor Yan Xing two years (AD 472 years), Shek Pik Valley Tanluan patriarch built in the early Ming Temple, to the first year (AD 476 years) Temple our achievements". Tanluan is when the Northern Wei Dynasty (now on behalf of the county), because of this argument, widespread Jingtu doctrine, and author of "pure land" on the two day Pro volume, great influence, celebrated for a time, known as "Buddha body". Sui Dao Chuo, Tang Chushan guide two master succession in this pure land to promote wind, extension and repair temples, the temple of the history of the peak period. 4, Shaanxi Xi’an Temple (which were also). Founded in nine years suikai Huang (589). For the translation of Tang Xuan Zang translation of Buddhist Tripitaka master. Xuan Zang founded China’s Buddhist law in this temple, also the law in. The Japanese Buddhist law is also the ancestral temple. 5, Shaanxi County, Changan net industry Temple (Lv Zongzuting). Built in the Sui Dynasty (581 – 618). For the creation of Buddhism in China (Nanshan lvzong law) the famous Tang Dynasty monk Dao Xuan lawyer dojo. The ancient worship of Dao Xuan as lvzong fathers. 6, Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple (Chan Zongzuting). Songshan Shaolin Temple (map) was built in the Northern Wei Wo twenty years (496). Buddhist meditation in china.相关的主题文章: