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Whether or not to shave lanugo baby? You don’t see the Sohu maternal media have recently reported in the India the 5 month old baby boy, he has received extensive attention, because he is covered with thick hair, like a "werewolf". See here, there are a lot of new parents will estimate the nervous, my baby was born, the body is covered with hair, will also grow more dense? In fact, the baby is suffering from hirsutism, with the newborn baby’s hair is very different. So, what is hirsutism? Can the disease be cured? The kangaroo mom immediately for your secret. What is a hairy disease? Hirsutism refers to any part of the body of the hair density increases, become longer and thicker black, beyond the normal range. Hirsutism can be divided into two types: 1, congenital hypertrichosis: caused by gene mutation, is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, that is to say it is hereditary, if parents with hirsutism, easily passed on to the next generation, and the men and women of the same probability of genetic. This disease is very rare, the incidence rate is only 1 billion points, hairy and divided into systemic and local, the article mentioned at the beginning of the India boys belong to congenital systemic hirsutism. Children suffering from congenital systemic hirsutism, usually hairy at birth, hair length, will exist for life. And with age, vellus hair will gradually become thick and long black hair soft. The forehead hair can be up to several centimeters, two eyebrows will be more thick and black together. In addition, female patients with upper lip will grow like a man’s beard hair. Because this image is like the ancient ape, so also called atavisms. Although the disease will seriously affect the value of the face, but the patient’s physical and mental functions of the organs and organs of the body is not the same as ordinary people. 2, acquired hypertrichosis: acquired hypertrichosis mostly because some of the factors leading to androgens increase caused by, such as ovary, adrenal, pituitary, hypothalamus, brain disease, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome can be caused in vivo androgen or estrogen and androgen increased in proportion to the level of androgen in vivo high, hair will increase growth, causing hirsutism. In addition to disease factors, long-term or high doses of certain drugs can also cause hirsutism, which is also known as hairy hairy drug-induced. Commonly used drugs can cause hirsutism with cyclosporine, phenytoin, glucocorticoid, minoxidil etc.. Of course, there are a number of other factors can also lead to hirsutism, such as repeated inflammation, friction, some congenital nevus with hair, etc.. In addition to an excessive growth of hair, distribution form with acquired hypertrichosis women hair male tendency, jaw, lips, ears, forehead, above the neck and other parts of the hair growing around the nipple, umbilical hole, midline will find long hair. Patients with severe or even a masculine phenomenon, such as Adam’s apple, low tone and clitoral hypertrophy etc.. In these cases, it is necessary to go to the hospital to check the cause, and then相关的主题文章: