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White wedding show 35E V deep perspective: marriage to breast sexy Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 30th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the 28 year old "animal angel" Baiyun [micro-blog] and former Hong Kong man Jiang Junlin yesterday (October 29th) married, at night in the InterContinental Hotel put wedding banquet of 38 seats. The cloud wearing low cut dress, 35E remarkable Wai Jin xiu. The wedding took the snow bed according to Baiyun elected Miss Hongkong 2011 failed finalists, and now for the architect Jiang Junlin dating for 5 years, the end of the couple. They had to Swiss snow shadow wedding, wedding dress sexy low cut Baiyun show business lines, and Jiang Junlin hug sweet. Two people also incarnation of different movie poster style, as well as bed, I saw them lying on the bed with a pillow to cover the body, showing surprise, very funny. Yesterday (October 29th) held a ceremony the bride in the hotel in the morning, Chen Zhi is the maid of honor, Baiyun sister group Zhu Chenli, Yu Miao, Liu Wenxin; Li Jinqiang brothers group. The Jiang Junlin brothers and 3 sisters to accept the game arrangement, the brothers with socks head, knotted after tear, meaning "knot", people laugh is refers to the stockings worn by Zhu Chenli. The other is the groom sitting on the ground, in the lower part of the explosion Valley, the other brothers to do palm pressure eat popcorn very heavy taste. Family plans as wife sexy wedding dresses and evening clouds Jiang Junlin media interview, should require the sweet kiss. The cloud said the morning mood a little nervous, after OK, but when you see the sign paper husband wet eye. She said she would continue to work after marriage. My husband will not Huai sexy? Jiang Junlin was a healthy sex on OK. White clouds also said: will continue to perform, there are suitable for the drama and film roles are OK." Asked the family plan? Jiang Junlin said his wife, the white clouds, said her husband, and other reasons to have a stable career children. Zhu Chenli lost the next ball Zhu Chenli yesterday (October 29th) at 5 in the morning to work immediately to help the sisters, only 15 minutes of rest while gap. Asked whether to play with the groom when she wore stockings? She bought a new clarification stockings, said through not take out easily. She can not grab bouquet stand due empress, hope the next opportunity to grab. Liu Wenxin grabbed the ball, there is no boyfriend refused to disclose. (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: