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Why "one top ten thousand" frequency cash sentence burst its marriage – Interpretation of the current social entertainment Sohu why ordinary people’s inner struggle Sohu entertainment news recently, "one top ten thousand" announced to mention the November 4th release, the film adapted from the novel of the same name by Liu Zhenyun Liu Zhenyun, the screenwriter, the female director Liu Yulin strength of the actors, Wei Fan, and Bei Liu co starred in ashler. It is reported that Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" and Ang Lee’s "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" will also has a beachhead in November. Little jumpy and epic living desolate as a "Silk heart war" large, different from war movie film "a hail of bullets, a top ten thousand words of" punish heart in silent war in. Ahead of the point before this release, the audience reaction, and why Bei Liu is simply "to younger sister". Two interpretation of the inner struggle in current society of ordinary people from different angles, about the vicissitudes of life in luxury necessities, it is not the temptation of money nor fashion brand, but a word — "right". Niu Aiguo (Ashler ornaments) because with his wife (Li Qianshi) says "no", so the other half suffered "and" derailed in experience was struggling, from the "compromise" to try to "let go" collateral ", finally does not break until the last" divorce "out of the fog", every the sympathetic struggle, every "sword" are very powerful. Niu Aixiang (Bei Liu ornaments) in order to find the "right", from "drink pesticide Dutch act" to "blind date" on TV, and then to find that the "right" restaurant cook Song Jiefang (Fan Weishi), finally found behind the life of a feather struggle and injustice can make "right" into "don’t say," every experience breathtaking and silk living desolate. If the cash explosion sentence film why their marriage as the film starring, you think "the most tragic war comes from your inner reason and emotion." This sentence may be more than "a cuckold’s epic" to paraphrase the "one top ten thousand". The original novel "one top ten thousand" won the eighth Mao Dun prize for literature, and is known as the Chinese version of the "hundred years of solitude", the film "a" screenplay by Liu Zhenyun himself still featuring, can be said that the film for the wonderful scene and control lines is not inferior to the novel. After a lot of fans watching the movie has said that after the adaptation of the film, although not a war film is more tragic than the war film. You have said privately that the film is about cattle patriotic thing, but it actually happened in everyone, because these things are all day "". The film is actually a lot of lines and days related. "A person looking for another person, a word to find another word, is the real loneliness." "The days pass by, not before." "The thing in the world, lots of hidden grievances." Why in after the shooting frequency burst of verse, and these incisive lines have become a lot of life of the ordinary people of the concept of identity. But when asked, "when I was a cuckold, what is the choice of a forbear, beat two scattered", Mao相关的主题文章: