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Business The term hosted web based CRM (Client Relationship Management) software may seem foreign to you but this article is going to explain why it’s a term you need to know and why it’s something your business should be using. What does a boutique, a .puter store and a shoe store all have in .mon? They are a niche market target a specific type of customer and their needs. This is the foundation for almost any business. You have a targeted or niche area of business and you cater to a specific type of clientele. In the area of sales, no matter what your niche or targeted area is, you need to obtain new customers and retain current customers. You need to market new products and services to these customers. No matter what the economy looks like, sales is a 365 days a year job. However, when the economy is down, sales be.e more important than ever. So, the question is: How do you process new customers and retain and market to current customers? How do you track their progress in the sales pipeline? If you’re using an in house system or a simple spreadsheet then you may not be taking the best approach. While these systems are good for local use, they are often limited in their abilities outside the office. As part of the sales process, you need to be able to track a customer’s status every step of the way. How many customers have been lost in the sale process because they were overlooked? How many long term customers have jumped ship and switched to a .petitor because they felt your .pany wasn’t there to fulfill their needs? This happens more often than you may think. There’s no worrying about staying afloat with hosted web based CRM software because it’s like a lighthouse in the dark for your business. While your .pany may not be suffering during touch economic times, web based CRM software can elevate your .pany to a whole new level. How? Let’s look a little closer. Hosted web based CRM software does the following: * Allows you to track customers in the sales pipeline * Doesn’t require the purchase of new equipment * Allows easy access to customer information * Can be accessed from virtually anywhere * Allows the sales person on the go the ability to obtain client information 24/7 Hosted web based CRM software is just as it sounds, its hosted off-site, so you the business manager or owner doesn’t have to buy expensive equipment to run it. Since it is hosted, it can be accessed from virtually anywhere you are and at all times of the day or night. So if you or your sales staff wants to access a client’s file while on a business trip 1200 miles away from your home office then it can be done from wherever you are. This system is hosted off-site and is accessed via a secure portal. Each user has a unique login and password. This is one of the easiest and protected systems you can use. It can be almost like a supplement for your business. It’s aimed to give your business a boost. You can see where your client is in the sales process with web based CRM software. You can see if they have been converted from a prospect to an actual customer. You can also look at what your current customers are buying and how often they are making purchases. How does this help? Because it will allow you to pinpoint your current customers past purchases and how often they’ve purchased a product or service from you. This assists you in marketing and promoting other products and services that you have to offer. Hosted web based CRM software is changing the way businesses are interacting with their customers and the way they are marketing to potential and current customers. It’s a refreshing way to increase the power of marketing for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: