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Why is it time for Baidu to jump out of BAT? Sohu, science and technology for a long time, people keep talking about this topic: Baidu does not have to participate in the strength of the BAT, it should be put out, let AT play in there. Also said that Jingdong, the United States Mission comments are so big, should go in, the name changed to JBAT or JMBAT. Another brother said so, do not remove the Baidu, but it is necessary to change BAT to TAB. And then the next is how Tencent blabla good…… There’s a reason for Baidu. In addition to the crisis caused by medical advertising, mainly the recent financial passive. In the face of strong AT, Baidu really does seem a bit awkward. In the past few months, its formal style. Occasionally a few lively, recreational brand communication, also be suppressed by this atmosphere. But I say to you today, by BAT named Xixue, criticism of Baidu’s tendency, overflowing with urine of this industry: impetuous, utilitarian, moral kidnapping, yinyefeishi. Of course, there are many years to tear the strange phenomenon of formation: many times, some companies seem to live only for the opponent. The word BAT is called for 10 years. It is not only the product of Copy to China, but also a search engine, electricity providers, social fit the Chinese market, the product quickly become the mainstream Internet model. They were once known as the "three mountains China internet". This is a compliment, because they are the metaphor of China’s Internet in three areas; there are also critics, that is, they were once overdrawn local Internet industry fertility, each is a money making machine. You look at the past three years, their gross margin. Over the years, the company was originally three. With the evolution of industry, the front faces more and more like melee, almost everywhere. Embarrassment is, you have to search, I have; you have a map, I have; you have electricity supplier, I have, you have to pay, I have; you have social, I must have you; I have to burn O2O, desperately throwing money. BAT is in a tear for each force in the formation of a horn, deformity of industrial pattern. Although they are so spectacular. To be honest, I began to fill my heart with the word BAT. When it was said that Baidu will be removed, although I do not agree with the above reasons, but I think that Baidu is indeed the initiative should come out of the shackles of this moment. Because, under the vision of the three parties to the BAT, with a traditional atmosphere of rivers and lakes. BAT is not a true portrayal of the spirit of the Internet, but the family feud and symbol. A word will be three companies together, said a lot, has become a "real", they are like their occupation of a hill, at the foot of the jungle staggered, but they represent the three kinds of Internet mode even authoritarian hegemony. Baidu at the moment, I think, only as soon as possible out of this traditional atmosphere, in order to really bid farewell to the past. A new business model of Baidu and its brand can really set up. I believe that the same logic applies to Ali, Tencent. But here, I’d prefer to.相关的主题文章: