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Why the new MBP Tucao? Look at the Type-C interface on the love story of the new MacBook van Pro is thin, but to the normal use of the new MacBook Pro, it will inevitably have to collect Apple carefully prepared interface package. You do not take into account the money do not want to run. Apple profiteers! After a lapse of four years, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro design, but harvest a lot of such tucao. Without him, just because Apple intends to use 4 USB Type-C interface to replace almost all of the original interface. This is not to let the expectations of the masses disappointed. In essence, like all technologies, USB has been developing for some time. Although as a "pass" serial bus, but in the market these 18 years, it has evolved a lot of versions, with different transmission speeds and very very many types of connection lines. The implementation of USB forum — it is the company responsible for a number of USB – making standard, has been deeply aware of this problem, and the solution is called a Type-C connection line model. The Type-C interface will replace all sizes of USB Type-A and Type-B interfaces on mobile phones, tablets, computers and other external devices. Type-C will support the new, faster 10Gbps USB3.1 Gen 2 rules, and when the bandwidth increases faster. In the next few years, USB Type-C is likely to become the standard, completely replace the mess in our desk drawer, various types of connections. And for the time being, it just makes us feel more standard. When we are waiting for Type-C to take us from the data line of hell saved or make us deeper into the quagmire, first look at USB these years of experience, and what its standard of competition against, in the future it will continue efforts to overcome technical difficulties what. What has it replaced? (parallel and serial USB, just replace several strange old interface. If you have been using a computer in the last ten years, it is likely that USB will be treated as a matter of course. But USB is still a huge step forward in terms of changing computer specifications and interfaces. If you were in the USB, Pentium and Pentium II in the era of the use of computers, to connect anything to the computer needs to be selected from a large number of different types of ports. Connect a mouse? Maybe you need a PS 2 interface or a serial port. That connecting the keyboard? Or PS 2 interface, Apple Desktop Bus, or DIN interface. A printer or scanner will usually use big old port, if you do not want to use SCSI (small computer system interface), then you can also use it to connect external memory. And if you want to connect.相关的主题文章: