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Why Yang Mi’s marriage is always questioned by friends? The Sina entertainment column boiled for November 9th, Hawick Lau derailed the news of Wang Ou boarded the major entertainment headlines, maxed circle of friends, there seems to be a map with the truth, much raise a Babel of criticism of. For the star derailed and so on news, often hype majority, false ones, so most people are very calm. In fact, a smile is the most correct way to open the gossip, as soon as Hawick Lau’s response. Repeatedly broke the news, Hawick Lau seems to be a bit unhappy, saying that this thing is very funny, is a misunderstanding, he and Wang Ou are just discussing the script. In fact, this is the first time Hawick Lau N was going to freak out, and since Yang Mi married since two, marriage has repeatedly been questioned. There was even a reporter asked two people in front of the marriage is a problem, make Hawick Lau almost out of control. Yang Mi divorce on the topic of Hawick Lau, has always been the top search, not only media attention, users are also concerned about. Marital infidelity, Hawick Lau met Yang Mi, have encountered before, and before the bid is very good, "Chinese first paparazzi" said Zhuo Wei. This is Hawick Lau broke the derailment object is Wang Ou, Yang Mi had been broke the derailment object is Li Yifeng, and the time is precisely in two during the work, this is Hawick Lau in the movie, Yang Mi is in the film advertising. Yang Mi Hawick Lau divorce, or a marriage derailed the news, every time a lot, but the past is also very fast. When the pressure of public opinion is quite large, Hawick Lau and the two parties will come out to respond to a number of Hawick Lau, and even his father had to speak, the son and daughter of marriage is not a problem for the. However, every time a calm, Yang Mi Hawick Lau divorce will come back, and a very large. This is because Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s marriage, in the outside world, there are some disharmony phenomenon. For example, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau both are workaholics, little time to stay with each other, they almost never show affection in micro-blog and other social networking platforms. Occasionally photographed together to go out, it seems that the two sides are not very close look, etc.. Based on these representations, many people subconsciously suspect Yang Mi Hawick Lau’s marriage, once some such as Hawick Lau, Yang Mi and others or performance close news will be magnified, led to rumors two broken marriage. Plainly, in fact Tall trees catch much wind. Wallace Huo believes that Ruby Lin couple can understand this point, but they suffer. Even Liyan Tong, such a model husband and wife, will inevitably come out of the negative news of divorce. In fact, every couple have their own way, showing in front of the public is not necessarily the truth. For example, some couples love to show affection, but may in fact marriage was broken, a good image to maintain only in front of the public, each have a non-interference in each other’s life. Some celebrity couples behave less affectionate in public, even a look out of the situation, but in fact they may be very affectionate. In short, the star marriage between husband and wife相关的主题文章: