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Winter baby how to prepare the package to tell you: Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital – Sohu Changchun maternal imperceptibly, ushered in the winter of 2016, although not to the cold winter months, but now the temperature has let people can’t stand? There is less than a month is small due date, then it is the coldest season in Northeast China here, small heart trembling. Don’t know how to prepare for the labor right is the best, in the work of Obstetrics Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital sister-in-law gave her some useful suggestions. Pay attention to women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. The mother warm items 1, 2, 4 sets of pajamas: baby due in the cold winter, Mommy is ready to keep warm, easy to untie the clothes, try not to wear a sweater, cardigan sweater and coat should choose. 2, warm underwear: the baby came out, breastfeeding mothers will often for babies, wearing ordinary thermal underwear, feeding easily when the waist is exposed outside, make the waist cold, so mothers should prepare nursing special thermal underwear. 3, the hospital wear hats, scarves, shoes and other goods package heel cold, winter is also essential. 4, the external thermal equipment: if there is no heating or air conditioning at home, should buy a electric roasting device for heating, prepare yourself for a hot water bag is also a good choice. The small sister-in-law said in the state health maternity hospital work is careful, but haven’t finished and sister-in-law. In addition to my mom, baby supplies can not be less! Item 1, baby warm underwear: baby underwear absorbent, breathable, soft, it is best to open a jumpsuit, baby grow fast, underwear do not prepare much, 4 is enough. 2, thermal underwear: the baby born in winter, the mother must be prepared several sets of underwear for babies, winter clothes are not easy to dry, so thermal underwear at least to prepare 3 sets of change. 3, baby underwear: it is best to choose a thicker cotton jacket or sweater. 4, the package was: in the winter, when the baby was discharged from the hospital, must be wrapped with a bag, it is best to choose a cotton bag with a hat. 5, Baby Hat: need a hat outdoors, a hat is the best soft velvet texture, soft and warm. 6, socks: you can give your baby to have several different thickness of the small double socks, when the cold weather can wear thin, thick socks set out in the. In the production of health Maternity Hospital of maternal health, provide rich and complete package, from the quilt pillow to hat, coated all grey cotton natural materials. When the maternity hospital, these packages do belong to all women. Mother must have regular supplies 1, maternal sanitary napkins: 2-4 bag. Whether cesarean section or birth mother, get out of bed after it is necessary to use sanitary napkins. It is best to prepare for the night with the extension of sanitary napkins, and now the market also has to sell maternity special sanitary napkins, according to their own mothers can choose according to their own circumstances. 2, mom food. Can be prepared in advance of brown sugar.相关的主题文章: