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Witness recalled Tian Jiaying the last sentence: "and not be killed as" core tip: only a remembrance of what Tian Xie said at the time the last sentence: "and not be killed and shame." Tian Xie data this paper from the following: people.com.cn, to increase, the original title: Secretary Mao Zedong Tian Jiaying’s death mystery: Zhongnanhai gunfire? From the early morning of May 23, 1966, Dong Tian Xie edge to the bedroom, see him reclining on the bed, it seems difficult to extricate themselves into a sleepless night, thought. He consoled him and said: "you know the president. There’s always something going on." The wife of comfort, Tian Jiaying added a heavy heart pain, he is about to speak, but saying nothing. Decades of each other, Tian Jiaying knows his wife. Although she is in Yanan to participate in the revolution of old cadres, but the nature of their work, decide on some issues, unable to obtain the understanding and communication of the closest people; at the moment, more difficult to use a few words to explain his wife. It made him very miserable. At that time, Tian Jiaying did not see how serious the problem is complicated. Because he suffered setbacks more than once; at the same time the feeling of her husband seems to be a little calmer than last night, see the time to work. And they left in a hurry. Qi Benyu later reviewed his own negligence. "I deal with this outstanding historical cases assume responsibility. At the very least, I should have suggested to An Ziwen that Tian Jiaying should stay at home and take care of him. I ignore this, is a serious dereliction of duty." On the left side of Dong, Tian Jiaying is how to spend the morning before death? Ye Yonglie in "the secretaries of Mao Zedong · Secretary Tian Jiaying", who is described as: "in this quiet, Tian Jiaying in the yard," Yongfu hall "alone through the life of the last morning…… Quietly, the phone rings, and never had a visitor." But this is not true. According to who interviewed Dong edge and what are Wang Fan wrote, "that morning, but there are indeed people visited Yongfu church Tian Xie apartment, he is Tian Jiaying in Yanan when he worked, after the liberation still close friends are what." Wang Wen said that when the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department in Yanan, where he worked with Tian Jiaying. He was the Secretary of Mao Zedong in the field house almost at the same time, he had served as Zhu De’s secretary. After the founding of new China, they all work in Zhongnanhai. May 23rd morning 8 am, where all work passing Yongfu hall. Because he heard Wang Dongxing announced Tian Jiaying suspended reflection before the decision one night, he was eager to go to see Tian Jiaying. Not long ago, Tian Jiaying also with what are out of the east gate of Zhongnanhai, the the Imperial Palace along the river to the old Wangfujing bookstore, a way of talking about many. Jiang Qing, Chen Boda’s increasingly active, so that they feel the situation will change, some depressed heart. What are the Yongfu church meeting, the intention is to comfort the old friend, but two people are the heart atmosphere of the fog, but also cannot predict the storm will affect who they met: in the past have relatively long off the reel, Speechless. Occasionally exchange one or two, even more sad atmosphere. What are in place to sit for a while Xie Tian, got up to go. But Tian Tian asked him to"相关的主题文章: