World coffee map from a raw bean nibbuns

From the beginning of a bean coffee world map Intro: "if you do not have the basic knowledge, it is difficult to really enjoy a bag of coffee beans." (source: the Bund pictorial Author: Theislandofbay images provided by CITIC Publishing House) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! British James (James Hoffmann) has many titles. He is the founder of the famous East London company Square MileCoffee Roasters bakery, 2007 World barista championship champion of WBC, he is an epoch-making black coffee machine VA388 R & D, he runs his own blog, to share the experience with written records of coffee. James in 2014 for the first time in London, published in the world coffee map, followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, the first book in the Amazon book sales in the. As a master of the coffee industry, Hoffman will be his rich experience written in the text, the rich collection of information in the coffee producing areas to readers. Two years later, finally Chinese version of the "world coffee map" published in the mainland, let the coffee house I have to die hard fans brought a carefully. James Hoffman in Brazil in 1937 the port of Santos, many coffee sacks loaded on the case in my memory for coffee, probably from the beginning Nestle Instant Coffee, and an unforgettable taste of Hong Kong Style Yuanyang mixed. Gradually, Starbucks is in Chinese popularization, began to experience what is Cafe Americano, cappuccino, latte, Mocha. The love of coffee, probably from the beginning of European travel. The most classic French breakfast is warm crispy croissant or chocolate bread with a cup of fresh Expresso or Orange Juice, next to put a spatula, with a bit of butter or jam. If in the romantic charm of Portugal, the morning cup of expresso with two pieces of sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar Pu, is the beginning of a day sweet mood. If with a beautiful enamel cup or mug, beautiful picture camping or home then ran on the morning. Everything is not so boring, everything can be at ease. Fries Street No. 29 Mocha, London, the first espresso coffee shop in addition to the picture and spiritual pursuit, a good cup of coffee is the most real demand. In recent years, people began not confined to the surface of latte art dedication to produce strong interest in coffee production and flavor formation. More and more coffee shops will be marked on the packaging and processing of coffee beans, coffee cup test activities (Cupping) gradually rise, the 3 wave of coffee also swept. Among them, Coffee coffee (Specialty) began to stand on the stage of "I am coffee". In the "world coffee map", Hoffman will be "boutique coffee" the perfect excavation, anatomy, interpretation. From the understanding of a coffee beans, coffee baking, procurement, storage, grinding, and measuring cup.相关的主题文章: