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Wuyuan snail hill, standing in another country – Sohu tourism people say the best time is on the way, but I prefer to say that the best time is on the road with you, in this land of idyllic beauty, enjoying a rare pleasant time. In Wuyuan, the beautiful scenery of the place, there are many characteristics of the inn, most of them are living in the ancient building, can let the person have a "smell the flowers" and even the feeling of stagnation time. If time can be in such a small inn for a period of time, let time slow down, let the heart down, if the time is not very easy, also can sleep on the weekend, in this place the natural quiet, wake up in the birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers. The scenic spots in Wuyuan, have different place in each of the spots, and European style wooden house is not a lot, Wuyuan snail villa is located in Wuyuan County Industrial Park Village of Shek Pik reservoir beside the quiet valley, here is composed of 21 high-quality European style wooden villa, snail Hill Zhuang in the mountains of the garden. Full of poetic. Villa Fangxing is divided into: grass huts, mountain huts and Lakeview cabin. The cabin is half hidden in the hillside, there is a modern garden, each Fangxing have different landscape and scenery, I do not know why here called "snail hill", perhaps because Wuyuan is a "slow life" place. Snail villa has good natural and ecological environment, surrounded by a wild profusion of vegetation forests, in addition to the water outside the forest coverage rate reached 98%, the air of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of up to more than one hundred thousand, Wuyuan is one of the best places to air quality. Since no deep old Stephen villa area of drainage water, drinking can nourish the stomach, as well as ecological farm, planting a variety of fruits and vegetables and stocking chicken, duck and goose, can be used as guests of the restaurant dishes. In the evening, the villa in the room lights open, dim lights silhouetted against the red lanterns in the breeze under the lantern flashing fluttering, seems to be a vague and general story released. The environment is full of idyllic interest. Listen to the rain, watching the clouds, reading, in a daze, the sun is in a better life snail villa, perhaps dreaming. Snail villa front is more like a teahouse, is a modern and classic blend, guests can taste tea here, feel a slight disorderly life in resting. There is a reservoir in the hills, cascading leaves and the mountains are reflected in the water to let people have a peace of mind during the day, the lake is little golden light, reflecting the moon at night, it is sunny or rainy, there are different views. The reservoir on the edge of the terrace villa owner also for guests to prepare high-quality speakers, at night, guests can party. The wooden houses with exquisite layout, unique style of decoration, so there is a return to the warmth of home, all the details in the room also mention now the villa owner’s intentions, the room living room placed in the middle of a mahjong table, when leisure, the room is full of entertainment taste. The bed cushion, reading lamp, telephone,]相关的主题文章: