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Xi Jinping said on poverty alleviation and the original title: Xi Jinping on the road of poverty alleviation nostalgia poet Xi Jinping rich words nostalgic feelings, repeatedly said, happy words nostalgia. He said: "stay beautiful scenery, remember nostalgia. What is the nostalgia? Nostalgia is the place will miss you leave." In Guizhou, Xi Jinping had to nostalgia on the way for about two times the feeling of poverty alleviation. Along the long road to well-off society "network media" go turn change "theme interviews route," learning Chinese "into small colorful Guizhou, general secretary Xi Jinping on the experience of poverty alleviation and pure heart, feelings of nostalgia. A beef powder evoke nostalgia in March 7, 2014, Xi Jinping participated in the two session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Guizhou delegation. In March 7, 2014, Xi Jinping participated in the two session of the twelve National People’s Congress, the Guizhou delegation said: "a place of happiness is very important to remember nostalgia, for example: a child’s favorite things. Guiyang beef powder." Xi Jinping recalled that it was in the last century, he went to Guiyang in 90s to open the national poverty alleviation, when he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, is also in charge of rural and poverty alleviation provincial leadership. One day, he wanted a snack in Guiyang, on the point of a bowl of beef powder for breakfast, but eat a meal is not fun, also want to eat second meals, but no time. He said that every place has to let people remember things, do not look down on this kind of happiness, because this kind of happiness can keep people. A bowl of beef powder evoke nostalgia from people recently nostalgia, is one of the most real, the most simple feelings. This is inside the homesickness nostalgia Xiang, is full of happiness. Happiness, since ancient times is the dream of mankind. The happiness of the people is always Xi Jinping’s constant concern; getting rid of poverty has always been the focus of the work of Xi Jinping. In the 2015 Forum on the development and poverty reduction, Xi Jinping had fondly said: "over the past 40 years, I worked in Chinese County, city, province, central work, poverty has always been an important part of my work, I spend most. I have been to most of the poorest areas in China, including Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, Tibet, and so on. Over the past two years, I went to more than a dozen poor areas, to the folks home, chat with them. There are difficulties in their life, I feel worried. I am glad that they live a better life." People also labor only, can be a valid." "A" is Chinese people of stable and happy life eternal watch, is the dream Chinese people diligently strive after. Today, the comprehensive well-off is within reach. In 2020, a comprehensive well-off society, must let more people could see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia". Two, found here the nostalgia of June 16, 2015, Xi Jinping came to the town of Zunyi County flower Liquidambar Mao Village research. June 2015, Xi Jinping to Guizhou research, focusing on understanding the situation of poverty alleviation. The 16 day, Xi Jinping came to the Zunyi County town of Mao Village Flower maple. He entered the smart thermostat greenhouse, the masses of Party members home, specialty service center, visit farmhouse "red house", on the pottery workshop, in-depth understanding of the change and development of a country. See the road in the field, even.相关的主题文章: