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Yang Zi Qin Junjie had a love affair: the traces of deer Tycoon (reproduced from public number [] series can say: junengshuo) now not only see Monday, Thursday also exposed Mengliao: Yes, Yang Zi and Qin Junjie love exposure [micro-blog]! We just wrote about Qin Junjie and Yang Zi…… Unexpectedly, once again exposed mengliao…… Without the truth, there are key linkage map, also may not be caused by the camera angle ~ congratulations to Yang Zi and Qin Junjie! In fact, they were quite well matched ah ~ is a child actor. Qin Junjie has starred in "Curse of the Golden Flower" "Prince of tennis" ~ Yang Zi needless to say, we all know, is representative of the "family with children" ~ with the entertainment new generation, two people still is acting "professionals", Yang Zi Qin Junjie is in the north. Play. Is that grew more and more beautiful ~ cooperation "Qingyun Zhi", "Dragon Ball legend" two movie scenes are ~ but still the same company! Or very good match! Remember Yang Zi Qin Junjie had just ended in "Qingyun Zhi" in performance? The Shushu had met Lu Xueqi on the performance of a love. Eyes large, Zuidou Bulong case had Shushu don’t know how long it stared at Lu Xueqi down to Zhang Xiaofan in the face of how to chase down Shushu had approached the first beauty, Lu Xueqi ignored: Shushu had approached second times, Lu Xueqi kept down by third times Shushu was finally put down his name reported it, but Lu Xueqi still ignored him. Second meeting, or various attentions are also said to "~ ~ with master Lu Xueqi had Shushu so naked confession…… Once Shushu is the opportunity to get the chance to be alone with Lu Xueqi ~ action when they are just stare at the opportunity to touch hands down, even after being slapped does not matter for the goddess ~ also took the opportunity to reward: cold goddess, encountered so shamelessly pursuit, also is at a loss what to do, can only promise to have Shushu ~ hear "I promise you" eyes in the light! Seize the opportunity, what the hero is not to mention the total think this section is ambiguous…… The "goings Qingyun Zhi", the two relationships are super good ah ~ looking back now, when there is my true feelings? Although the play, once Shushu is always unrequited love a, but the movie, "Lu Xueqi" love is "had Shushu"! Later the "Yun Zhi" too horrible to look at ratings or contribute! Gentlemen, Yang Zi and Qin Junjie were also not only the cooperation "Qingyun Zhi" a ~ and "Dragon Ball legend" there are scenes, but this was still the official match! See the CP: Xiwai two there are a lot of interaction. When do the new propaganda together always ~ watch, only Qin Junjie can hold down the important parts of a flower in a Marinated Egg beside down before Yang Zi 23333.相关的主题文章: