Yiwu 67 year old uncle fatigue caused 6 car collided thought he was hit ca1805

Yiwu 67 year old uncle fatigue caused 6 car collided thought he was hit uncle fatigue driving, imperceptibly narrowed eye caused the six vehicles collided, thought he was hit by daily news (reporter Wang Xuhang correspondent Wang Huayin) on September 18th in the afternoon at 2:30 pm, Yiwu dawn Lake Chau tower Church Road with six cars collided the traffic accident, four people were injured, estimated losses of 100 thousand yuan. The accident of the Volkswagen car driver surnamed Xu, 67 years old, who lives in Yiwu Xiangshan district. At noon, he and his wife and son in Chi’an relatives after dinner for city driving. By dawn Lake Chau Road church tower sleep, Xu uncle tried to open eyes to drive ahead, but this time he was too sleepy, in a moment of squinting imperceptibly only to hear "bang bang," a few times continuous impact sound. Xu uncle "wake up, thought it was someone else’s handlebar his Volkswagen was hit. "After the crash, two airbags on my car have been ejected, but fortunately near misses." The hospital, Xu uncle a rib fracture, sitting in the car in the back seat of his wife his right foot fracture, need surgery, grandson is no big deal. Recalled the scene at the time, modern cars waited for the green light signal stopped at the intersection before the incident Mr. Shi scared. "I drove through the intersection is just a red light, so the car parked on the right side of straight lane waiting. Unexpectedly, the car just stopped, the back of the car was rear ended." Mr. Shi said, due to the impact force, modern cars left rear wheel bearing on the spot was broken, and then crashed into a parked in front of a Nissan car tail, Dongfeng car and crashed into the front of the serial crossing a TOYOTA car. The Volkswagen car did not stop, but like a runaway horse go the straight lane rushed, then hit the front of a car rear end in the same small ordinary passenger bus in the light, inertia, and crashed into a parked in front of the intersection of a pickup truck tail. September 19th morning, Yiwu City Public Security Bureau, the city traffic police brigade squadron police deal with the accident by accident investigation, accident liability to parties, asked about the accident witnesses and other relevant circumstances, full responsibility for the accident the driver of a Volkswagen sedan uncle negative of the accident, the other five car driver without responsibility.相关的主题文章: