Yunnan tour guide tourists satire too stingy to pull out a hair fined twenty thousand invictus gaming

Yunnan tour guide tourists "satire too stingy to pull out a hair fined twenty thousand original title:" the irony tourist guides were fined twenty thousand too stingy to pull out a hair "someone’s travel agency also sent Kunming Beijing in October 7, (Wang Yanlong) Yunnan city of Lijiang Province Tourism Development Committee 7 report on the" Hangzhou girl said not riding tour of Lijiang not shopping under investigation handling of tour guide said, "ironically too stingy to pull out a hair to" fines involved somewhere twenty thousand cattle tour guide. In October 6, 2016, the media published the "Lijiang girls swim not riding without shopping guide" as was too stingy to pull out a hair ‘"reports, the Yunnan provincial government leaders and Provincial Tourism Committee attaches great importance to the leadership, the province tourism law enforcement corps urge Lijiang city quickly to this investigation and announced to the public. The Lijiang Tourism Development Committee investigation and verification: tourists Moumou two people in September 30, 2016 to enroll the Yunnan Hua Bin international travel agency organization of the Kunming – Dali – Lijiang 3 nights 4 days, the Lijiang trip commissioned Lijiang EZ travel agency is responsible for the reception, two travel agencies appointed tour guide for the team on a cow service. Informed that, in October 2nd, tourists Moumou a line of 38 people arrived in Lijiang after a tour around 12 cattle according to plan arrangements for the team to pull the city of the sea tourism area tour itinerary, tourists Moumou for personal reasons, did not participate in the riding, boating and other items at their own expense. 16:40 in the tourists visiting Lashihai tourist area, in return to the city on the way, guide a cow in the car said: "there are two people in the car, 150 dollars is too stingy to pull out a hair, do not want to spend, they are not in Lijiang even a picture, also don’t know what to do." After the tour guide a cow according to most tourists travel plans to Lijiang team the Dongba Biotechnology Exhibition Center of Spirulina shop visit, visit a shop staff for tourists to explain, guide and guide with a cow to sell to tourists Spirulina products. Because in the process of shopping only some tourists to buy spirulina, caused some dissatisfaction with the tour guides Niu, so a cow will be referred to as "the tour guide is also a task, each missing a bag I put 30 yuan of money, did not earn a penny today" or the like. After 17:40 end shopping, during the tour of Shuhe scenic area, should buy yak meat products part of the requirements of tourists guides a cow without delay other tourists will lead the guests to the operation of a friend "yak" king of yak meat shop. About 18:30 the tourists visiting the ancient town of Shuhe to the Check Inn Hotel on the way, because when the "Golden Week" period, the roads are crowded, because of the time and the Old Town of Lijiang most tourists travel for free activities and dinner take care of themselves, so the tour guide a cow told Li Moumou two people planned to take the 21:15 train to return to Kunming, visitors are advised to Lee some two people to give up the ancienttown attractions and write down the written agreement requires visitors to sign, but tourists Moumou two people insisted on visiting Lijiang ancienttown and refused to sign the agreement. 19:30 or so Moumou two people with the group arrived at the hotel after the king of China from the group, and said he would visit Old Town of Lijiang. 20:20 then received a group of drivers in the vicinity of the king of China Hotel Moumou 7相关的主题文章: