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Zero in call of energy saving and environmental protection type heating technology – Beijing Beijing in October 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Jian) in Beijing, nearly freezing at night. The weather forecast shows the next Monday the minimum temperature will drop to -3 degrees. Although the heating unit at the end of October has been ready, ready for the upcoming 2016 heating season; but the severe environmental situation, but that Beijing faces a dilemma in advance of heating. Coal, thermal power, winter heating is the main source of air pollution in northern china. In recent years, for the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction, Beijing to start heating in advance, the increasingly strict requirements: after several rounds of collective consultation for 5 days, the average temperature is below 5 DEG C, possible heating in advance. The next week, Beijing is expected to have two cold air activity. Due to the cold air control over a long period of time, with the proliferation of adverse conditions, haze days cold could come back. Clean energy, safe and easy to control, the independent household heating mode, as residents of the good heart". Southern boy "deep nostalgia" Han Linjun was born in Zhejiang, is a typical "80" Polytechnic male, but occasionally a literary youth tone. He was admitted to Tsinghua University in 2003, has been studying and working in Beijing, has now graduated from doctoral. Back home, he said: "there is no scholar’s crisp run spring, autumn scenery…… Hot summer, cold winter, become my most deep nostalgia." It is this experience, prompting Han Linjun determined to learn the HVAC, refrigeration and heat pump equipment research, from the Tsinghua University undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies in the school all the way unripe. In 2014, after graduation, Han Linjun entered the line of manufacturing, Tongfang artificial environment Co Ltd, engaged in the work of air source, water source heat pump development and energy saving optimization. "Any object, including air, water, etc., as long as the temperature is higher than the absolute zero, that is, -273.15 degrees centigrade, it contains heat." Han Linjun started with science, he introduced that the heat pump is a device that can transfer heat from a low temperature object to a high temperature object, similar to a water pump, through the consumption of electricity, to achieve the transfer of water from low to high. In most parts of China, the outdoor temperature in winter is higher than -20 DEG C, and the heat in the air is not low. Heat pump can absorb heat from the air to indoor heating." Han Linjun said. He explained that home air conditioning is the most common electric heating pump device. In summer, the air conditioner will send the indoor air to the outside. In winter, through the internal switch, the function of air conditioning is to absorb the heat in the outdoor air, sent to the room, then, indoor machine to send hot air, outdoor machine out of the cold air. Compared to ordinary electric heating, heat pump is more energy-efficient. It consumes 1 electric energy, can absorb 2, 3, or even more heat from the air or water." Han Linjun said that the Beijing coal electric pump electric is used, heat from the air to the water, heat, hot water to the room, through the radiator is very comfortable, and no fan noise. In the absence of central heating in the southern region, heat pump technology with features of clean energy, household independent, safe control, have a wider application space, can play such a greater reduction)相关的主题文章: