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Zhang Jizhong threat fan Xin man details: with the door left fan Xin man fan Xin man, Zhang Jizhong refused (information) Fan Xin vine Bo Jiang Shunfawen Sina entertainment news October 31st evening, are in the process of divorce fan Xin man [micro-blog] and [micro-blog] producer Zhang Jizhong, Bo suddenly accused Zhang Jizhong in order to get the hidden marriage in the property, repeated the door to threaten their signed divorce agreement, even resorting to violence in the home smashed camera. Sina entertainment said in a micro-blog fan Xin man called Zhang Jizhong, the phone is dialed after being off first, then play is unable to complete, and fan Xin man in a bad mood on the grounds declined an interview. According to the latest Sina entertainment was informed that 31 evening Zhang Jizhong himself with demonstrations in the fan Xin man home, and claimed that Fan Xinman would not leave if not signed. Fan Xin man not at home, but a lawyer and Zhang Jizhong talks, but persuasion is invalid. Sina entertainment from the informant exclusively learned that Zhang Jizhong recently returned from the United States to China, put forward a divorce agreement to Fan Xinman, because involves the interests of other shareholders, fan Xin man out of consideration the agreement of divorce, but Zhang Jizhong in the agreement and become aggravated added a lot of harsh conditions, thus the two sides have differences. After Zhang Jizhong home repeatedly forced fan Xin man signed an agreement of 31 days and for the same reason, Zhang Jizhong was home again, said fan Xin man and himself not to sign the divorce agreement not to leave, resulting in fan Xin man made micro-blog. Fan Xin man I don’t at home, entrust a lawyer to communicate with Zhang Jizhong, but persuasion is invalid. At present, the two sides are still deadlocked, and Sina entertainment will continue to follow the subsequent dynamic. (Jiang Shunfawen) (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: