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Zhang Tianai is wearing SUSPENDERS PANTS below the neck is full of leg propaganda film Tencent entertainment directed by renowned director Zhang Yibai, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia movie "passing from your world" has entered the countdown to release, coming in September 29th with the national audience. The afternoon of September 19th, "passing from your world tour" campaign through the movie actress Zhang Tianai and the original novel author Zhang Jiajia Nanjing conference kicked off the first conference site All seats are occupied. audience enthusiasm. It is reported that Zhang Tian’ai film character named Mao chicken. The same day, the two campuses of Nanjing University of Finances and Economics and Nanjing University Zhang Tian’ai airborne, a sensation of University students. Always attack gas Zhang Tianai tried the white T jeans strap collocation style, simple and refreshing, and truly staged all legs below the neck. An opening, Zhang Tianai will be given a fan flowers, talking about their role, she replied: the magic lies in every chicken, every boy wants to have a single chicken, a girl will become a love chicken."" Zhang Jiajia came to directly call Zhang Tianai "husband", also played the playing field. Then her soulful singing Zhang Jiajia for her debut single "words between us". In order to meet everyone’s wish, super warm heart to the scene. Zhang Tian’ai audience signature, harvest a lot of fans sister, many students at the end of the conference immediately after the taxi to the next school, is to be able to see a glimpse of the goddess. Zhang Tianai: play with Deng Chao only funny comedy!相关的主题文章: