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Guangdong Zhanjiang police cracked the case of serious drug trafficking and arrested 20 suspects – Beijing Beijing in August 29 Zhanjiang Xinhua (Liang Sheng Zhou Yizhen) reporter learned from Guangdong 29, the Zhanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference, the local police after a lot of preliminary investigation, recently destroyed a large inter provincial drug trafficking network, city gangs, arrested Wu Moumou and other drug-related suspects 20, seizing about 129 kg, imitation 64 pistol 1, bullet 5 hair, 1 pieces of armor, drug money seized 621 thousand and 500 yuan, involving 8 vehicles. At present, the case is still under further investigation. According to the police, in May this year, Zhanjiang Leizhou City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade found a man named Wu control most of Leizhou City Ice wholesale distribution market, a major suspect and radiation surrounding counties. Approved in July 26 by the Guangdong provincial public security department, the case was established as the lieutenant governor of drug target cases. Subsequently, the task force through the investigation, in-depth Mopai, and gradually mastered the key members of the gang’s identity and organizational structure, division of labor, sales network, location of activities, drug purchase channels etc.. In the strict control of investigation, the panel found that the gang on the evening of August 8th from the field of a large number of drug purchase. In August 10th 13, based on the accurate lock of the gang of drug trafficking, hiding evidence, the main track of the gang members, Zhanjiang, Leizhou two public security organs composed of five arrest team act at the same time, in Lianjiang, Leizhou City, East Town and other places, has arrested the gang leader Wu Moumou the gang members, and 20 members of the distribution network. (end)相关的主题文章: