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Zhu Zheqin, Lei Haibo: Science and technology must have the beauty of science and technology – Sohu media said of Zhu Zheqin, "if you find in a foreign record store only a CD from Chinese, then it is likely to be Zhu Zheqin’s." In 1995, 56 countries and regions, the simultaneous release of "sister drum" has become the first international record in the history of the global distribution of the Chinese record, the record of the cumulative sales of three million Avenue in the 81 film, music video’s premiere broadcast. In 2012, Zhu Zheqin came to the founding of the art brand "see · creation" officially unveiled, the design of the brand advocates "superior non luxury" spirit. According to the essence of a variety of materials and crafts, gathered at home and abroad outstanding design strength, and handmade workshops to create a joint representative of the design of products, is committed to the traditional Chinese material and technology of contemporary interpretation and application. Lei Haibo is the representative of another from design into science and technology, before becoming "too Firebird" CEO ray, Hyperion is founder and strategic advisor to the visual Chinese. In August 2013, China Vision Group became China’s first Internet cultural and creative enterprises. In 2014, Lei Haibo founded the intelligent hardware incubator platform too firebird. Too Firebird in the beginning that Xu Xiaoping, co-founder of millet Li Wanqiang, angel investors Tong Weiliang and many other famous investors combined with millions of dollars in angel investment. At the TechCrunch 2016 International Innovation Summit in Beijing in November 7th, they want to talk about science and aesthetics. Does China have beautiful technology products? Zhu Zheqin: it seems that most people think that China’s IT products, technology products are not very aesthetic, this is normal. Chinese aesthetics in modern times suffered great damage, the foundation is very bad. Even today, not only is the technology products, the general life of the products in the field of aesthetics is also relatively backward. But recently there are one or two things in the industry, began to break the original probability, or a level, began to move toward the direction of the United states. Recently there is a ceramic phone, I feel very beautiful. When I put it on my hand and feel it with my hands, I find it very beautiful! Although it is very easy to break, but I think it can be the traditional Chinese crafts and materials used to this, to do so, is enough to make people happy. In fact, there is always a stage of new technology, in the beginning, people will focus on the technology itself, but in the end, people hope that technology products have personality and beauty. We can see that changed in the ten years, twenty years, apple and IBM products, I believe this change will be in the same Chinese sale. I can be very optimistic that China’s technology products will soon usher in the development of. Lei Haibo: recently there is a domestic mobile phone manufacturers push a top designer mobile phone, called millet max. After the release of the product, I would like to buy a friend that night, only to get a final engineering machine, but it is also very good to use. Actually,.相关的主题文章: